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If you are a LBRY / ODYSEE user, you will be aware that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a complaint against LBRY Inc, the company that created the decentralized protocol for sharing audiovisual content, alleging that the distribution of LBRY Credits are non-securities offers. registered.

Si eres usuario de LBRY / ODYSEE, estarás al tanto que la Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC) ha presentado una queja contra LBRY Inc, empresa creadora del protocolo descentralizado para compartir contenido audiovisual, alegando que la distribución de Créditos LBRY son ofertas de valores no registradas.

While it is true that, in said statement, they report that the network, being decentralized, is not in danger, nor are the tokens at risk, we do have every reason to be concerned about the persecution that is taking place in the United States, against the Blockchain industry.

Si bien es cierto que, en dicho comunicado informan que la red al estar descentralizada, no corre peligro, ni están en riesgo los tokens, sí que tenemos razones de sobra para preocuparnos, por la persecución que se está produciendo en los Estados Unidos, contra la industria Blockchain.

From LBRY, they ask us to help spread the statement in which they explain the facts, since what is at stake is not the future of this company, but the cryptocurrency industry in general.

How can we support LBRY Inc?

  • Sharing the statement released by LBRY, in our RRSS, in our own words, using the hashtag #helplbrysavecrypto.
  • Sharing the following link
  • Signing the petition.
  • Donating funds to help with your legal defense expenses.
  • In general, making noise, so that together we can get the message to reach as many people as possible.

Desde LBRY, nos piden que ayudemos a difundir el comunicado en el que explican los hechos, ya que lo que está en el juego no es el futuro de esta empresa, sino la industria de las criptomonedas en general.

¿Cómo podemos apoyar a LBRY Inc?

  • Compartiendo el comunicado difundido por LBRY, en nuestras RRSS, con nuestras propias palabras, usando la etiqueta #helplbrysavecrypto.
  • Compartiendo el siguiente enlace
  • Firmando la petición.
  • Donando fondos para ayudar en sus gastos de defensa jurídica.
  • En general, haciendo ruido, para que entre todos logremos que el mensaje llegue a la mayor cantidad de gente posible.

Dear LBRY & Odysee Community,
We are reaching out to you today as part of our continued commitment to transparency.
Today, the SEC filed a complaint against LBRY, Inc (the creator of the LBRY blockchain and the video-sharing platform Odysee), alleging that the sale of LBRY Credits by LBRY, Inc constitutes unregistered security offerings.
First and foremost, it is important to know that this complaint is not aimed at you, your LBRY Credits, or the content you create, but rather the status and sale of LBRY Credits by LBRY, Inc.
The SEC's complaint seeks to stifle innovation, accessibility, and creativity inspired by blockchain companies like LBRY, Inc. The complaint also fails to acknowledge the concerted steps taken by LBRY to comply with the law and to conduct its business in a forthcoming and transparent way. LBRY not only complied with the SEC's investigation over the past three years, we have produced thousands of documents, provided our executives for testimony, and devoted several thousand hours of team member time to deal with this case - a heavy burden to bear for a startup .
As we will show in our legal defense, the LBRY token is not a security but a commodity. LBRY never engaged in an initial coin offering (ICO), and we never conducted a securities offering. Nonetheless, LBRY has sought to comply with Know Your Customer and anti-money laundering principles despite the fact that the LBRY token is not a security. Unfortunately, under the harsh and impractical standards asserted by the SEC in its complaint, LBRY Credits, and many other blockchain tokens would also be deemed securities, leaving uncertainty and confusion in the industry.
LBRY has operated in good faith and in a highly transparent manner across its operations. We have made extensive efforts to comply with the law, despite the absence of clear guidance by the SEC for this industry. LBRY has worked with legal counsel to ensure our policies maximize safety for the members of our community, including developing the LBRY network and apps, and continually engaged with the LBRY community to provide education and support regarding the use of the LBRY network.
The SEC's inequitable complaint and the relief it seeks threaten to destroy the blockchain industry as we know it. This case is about more than LBRY: the outcome of this lawsuit will impact the essential viability of a technology that has spurred innovation and creativity and promoted accessibility to the public at large.
We are asking our community to help us spread the word about our fight and to express your support online for LBRY and the survival of the blockchain industry. Please share this letter on your social channels and use #helplbrysavecrypto.
Learn more at and please sign our petition.

Thank you very much for your time. Muchas gracias por vuestro tiempo.


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