My Publish0x Stats of December-2023 : Meteoric rise.

My Publish0x Stats of December-2023 : Meteoric rise.

December 2023 bought some of the nicest surprises and many "firsts" regarding my Poblish0x stats. In November 2023, I had 13404 views to my posts and my target was to get 15000 views for December 2023. I thought 15000 would be a tough target to reach but surprisingly not only did I cross 15000 views, but with 19596 views, I am also very close to 20000 views. Overall it was 46% growth in a month.


When comes to my Publish0x earnings for December 2023, it shows a growth of 80% from the November 2023 earnings. Earnings has increased from $5.57 to $10.04. In this mean period, my following increased from 343 to 376 followers, which means I got an average of 1 follower added per day.

Lot of First.

There are a lot of firsts in these stats, as I crossed 15K views the first time. With $10.04 in earnings, it is my first double-digit income from the platform. I am not sure, but I think getting 1491 views for a single post and 100+ likes on that post is also a first to my knowledge. Overall 538 likes is also a new high.

Increased earnings due to the "Crypto" boom.

Overall crypto sentiments were very positive in December 2023, but we witnessed very strong growth in the price of OP tokens in the middle of the month and it somewhat inflated the overall income for the month as OP tokens are the tipping token in Publish0x platform along with ETH.

How Publish0x is a little different.

Almost every platform allows writer/author to earn but Publish0x is a rare platform that allows readers to also earn as readers can get a percentage of the tip while rewarding the author.

Overall look and feel of the Publish0x interface is also very plain and very simple to use and one does not need to know crypto to start in the platform though you will require a wallet to withdraw the earnings. Another good thing is that Poblish0x do not have withdrawal fees but there is a minimum balance requirement for withdrawal.

My goals in Publish0x.

Since I reached 19000 views, so next target will be to reach 20000 views. I am not sure if this will be an easy target or not as in December, I benefitted from both, i.e. consistency and the boom in crypto prices. Also, I would like to see if I am to get 400 followers in January 2024.

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