Best platform to write and earn.

Best platform to write and earn.

There are a lot of platforms in which you can write and earn and with the advancement of web3 technology, many opportunities are further added along with web2 platforms. Unless you are not maintaining your own website, and if you have written your own blogs on other websites then going for the web3 and decentralized medium is the most sane way to proceed with your career in writing. Though a decentralized medium does not lack in content quality and quality but the rewarding mechanism of these platforms need a revamp.


In most of these decentralized platforms, content creators are dependent upon the user tips or the preference of the tipper. These platforms currently do not have any mechanism for the reward share with the authors based on the view or revenue generated for the platform for their articles.

If I go for the web2 mediums, I think they are better paying than the web3 platform currently but are they still paying the fair share?

But with the recent announcement by the Leofinance team to reward the content creator based on views of the content piece on the platform.
This will add the rewards of the web2 and web3 platforms and this will reward the content creator handsomely.

You can get more information on Leofinance as below:

The flagship of the entire project is, which is the social media application. This is a long form blogging platform designed in the style of Seeking Alpha. However, this is a Web 3.0 application, being built on the Hive blockchain.

Users can earn tokens and coins for their activity. All articles posted as eligible for author rewards. This can come in the form of the blockchain's native coin ($HIVE$0.351) along with the LEO token.

Leofinance uses Hive's Proof-of-Brain mechanism. This provides both content creators and curators with the ability to participate in the ranking of on-chain content.

Curation is done by the community, each with voting power based upon how many coins and tokens are staked. As one's staking amount grows, so does their ability to direct rewards.


Apart from the above ways of getting rewards for the content, If Leofinance activates its LeoAds programs and is able to start the reward for the content creator based on view then ut will become win -win situation for the content creator and platform.

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