Australia 2020 Glass House Mountains (1.12)

By Goodsoul | Australia 2020 | 1 Dec 2020

Good day everyone, another update from down under Australia,

Yes we are still here in Queensland. We had to stay close to the beach because a heatwave hit all of inland Australia. 

Just an example of what the temperature is like at the moment;


 We decided to travel to the so called Glass House Mountains and on the way there we saw some cute road signs.

Yes Australia is famous for their Kangaroo 🦘 ones but check out these ones.


0ba8806341edc1cb9271f20713ced55234cbd14b9738fc5948df4da18e8ef1bc.png32d009255f28d8ae691e5d52e77f52a07b9fd69abd66d690256a997d6ab51da0.pngSeeing those signs by the road you just have to fall in love with Australia. 

Well we continued our day trip and drove up to one of the lookouts: 

Pretty much breathtaking views from this ancestral land that was called Glass House Mountains by James Cook:


0fa8c3af5fae2450ce3a3956b8ecb87faa323768702e3b90e00885407bad7b6e.pngThe car we have lived in for the last 11 months in the foreground, one of the mountains in the background.

8f282e3be5207b6887b1b06a348906f1e003839d3b6580f15e446896b487b87f.pngWhat a great view what an amazing experience.

We are sitting at the library in Beerwah at the moment because it just got too hot, even though we are near the coast.




All the best guys please take care, stay healthy and if you like you can click on the link to previous posts of our travel here in Australia.

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Anna and Chris 

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Australia 2020
Australia 2020

Anna and me, Chris bought a car last November to travel Australia. After almost 50000km of travelling across the country we want to share our experiences.

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