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By Aurum | Aurum | 4 May 2019

Recently appeared anonymous cryptocoins and blockchain platforms which are oriented on granting anonymity already densely have taken a special place in cryptoeconomy as these coins provide the main human desire – in privacy and The confidentiality of their assets and their actions (transactions).
  Thus coins and platforms which can provide confidentiality, anonymity and privacy of all transactions are in a sure demand! Due to periodic burglary of networks and purses, the desire to secure their assets and their location is not devoid of reason. This need for security solves a completely new project, launched in January 2019year and showing a huge potential for growth-is Veil.


Veil project launched without ICO!
  Veil was launched without pre-ICO and Pre-mime that had a positive effect on this product! Creators and developers risked their money, which is extremely rare to meet in the vast blockchain industry. This made their work more efficient, which increased the success of the final product. The project was spent about 1 million dollars from the funds of its creator! During the mining, from each block-10 coins go to reimbursement of the given primary investment.

  Veil Project is a project aimed at ensuring the anonymity and privacy of users in the vast crypto environment! Protection implies anonymity, confidentiality, and privacy of all transactions. He created a secure anonymous technology, providing complete confidentiality in transactions using cryptocurrency.190903265-ab1308866f4693d8f377a732734254a8cb77013964c734db264fbf130b5dfd83.png

The Veil Project combines several protocols:

  • Simultaneous use of Zerocoin and RingCt protocols. All transaction components in the Veil network contain the best cryptographic system. It is noteworthy that Zerocoin is a cryptographic method that allows to prove that the computation was completely without knowing its source and target data. This makes all data anonymous and without identifiers.
  • The RingCT protocol hides the value of the transaction, no one can see how many coins are contained in the transaction.
  • By using the most secure and time-tested software for the block chain-the kernel Bitcoin version 0.17.1.
  • For scalability problem Veil will use the consensual system Proof-of-work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS).
  • For minimum transaction sizes, BULLETPROOFS technology will be used.
  • Coin Veil is an anonymous coin that does not have identifiers that will be available to users, but it is completely safe to use. The coin can already be purchased on more than 9 crypto exchanges. The value of the coin grows in a confident pace, as is the growth of its capitalization. The project has already got in the top 500 CoinMarketCap.

Technical description of Veil:
Veil uses the Bitcoin kernel 0.17.1
Privacy: Use Zerocoin.
Consensus: Hybrid PoW and PoS.
Block Size: 2 MB.
Block Time: 60 sec.
Number of coins available: 14 555 335 Coins
Maximum quantity: 300 000 000 coins


Get started with VEIL

Blockchain VEIL:
Bounty program:

  Veil is a new step in terms of anonymity when using transactions and storing crypto assets! The transfer and receipt of funds through the use of Veil, makes the receipt of funds completely anonymous-it is impossible to track the original transaction site, as well as the number of funds sent. Veil is very promising project, which awaits success in the future!

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