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By Aurum | Aurum | 12 May 2019

  Blockchain is primarily the provision of complete anonymity in the crypto industry, and each user wants his operations on the blockchain network remain completely inaccessible for viewing and tracing to other persons. Using anonymous cryptocoins is not a novelty! But Veil first combined in its Project technologie, providing complete anonymity and confidentiality- RingCT and Dandelion. Application of these technologies on 100% confirms the motto of the Veil project – confidentiality without compromises.


  But special confidentiality is ensured by the use of technology – Dandelion.



    Dandelion is a transaction protocol that reduces the risk of intercepting IP address information that binds transactions to the original IP.

  Dandelion - Changes the way the transaction is distributed to the recipient. It divides transactions into two phases-"stem" and "fluff", which guarantees the difficulty of obtaining a transaction with their original IP.

  During the stem phase, each node passes the transaction to one partner. After a random number of jumps along the "stem" the transaction enters the phase of "fluff", which behaves just like normal flooding/diffusion. In case the hacker can determine the location of the "down" phase, it is much more difficult to determine the transaction source.


Veil FAQ here

Mining Veil coins.

  Veil – uses the hybrid consensus mechanism of the PoS and PоW.

Attackers will not be able to start the attack 51% in the Veil network, because to start the attack attackers have to buy 51% of all coins, which is almost impossible!

Veil, offers its users 2 types of mining anonymous coins Veil.

  PoW – Programs for graphic mining

  If interested users do not have the technical capability to mining PoW, Veil offers a less expensive kind of PoS mining.

  "Proof-of-Stake". Coin owners who have a "rate" feature in their purses can participate in the processing of network transaction blocks. After a successful check of the current transaction block, the selected wallet receives Veil coin as a reward for work.

  This makes the introduction of Veil PoS particularly appealing to those who value anonymity, so it happens when using exclusively Zerocoin. This allows Veil users to earn revenue from their holdings while keeping the amount secret, by proving zero knowledge.

  To participate in "Proof-of-Stake"-you need to buy a number of Veil coins, synchronize it and unlock your wallet for bets.

Veil was launched without pre-ICO and Pre-mime.

  Anonymous Cryptocoin Veil is already presented on crypto exchanges. Information about the price of a coin, graphs of volatility, capitalization, names of exchanges on which it is possible to buy a coin, can be obtained from the link




  The success of all the projects that are in the blockchain or the real world, concludes the work of the team of creators, developers and programmers. Only well-deserved and recognized developers know all the subtleties and all possible places of programming.
  James Burden,Tom BradshowJeremy Anderson - they are the Veil Labs leaders.
  The creators of the anonymous platform Veil, consist of recognized professionals of the crypto industry. VEIL Labs is a dedicated team of programmers and developers. Their mission is to continually improve and enhance the confidentiality and anonymity of the use of Veil technology. With the constant development, testing and implementation of new methods of ensuring anonymity, VEIL will be a permanent leader in the field of Cryography.





  Veil is a new level of anonymity and confidentiality in the blockchain network. There are other coins, but the difference between these coins and Veil is great.
Most other privacy coins, such as Monero, Dash are not integrated with Dandelion technology, which guarantees the anonymity of the user in the blockchain.

Veil provides an unprecedented level of privacy and anonymity.

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Veil Basecoin Receiving Addres: bv1qtgakd2fl9jqztj3glarefvz7ugqnqusrztzncq


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