Crypto Exchange OOOBTC.

By Aurum | Aurum | 13 May 2019

  OOO BTC is the place where large digital crypto assets are merged. This exchange gives an opportunity, with a simple intuitive interface, to fully manage financial assets. And all this, with the support of the most advanced technology.
  With OOOBTC you can start exchanging and trading any currency pairs, without any worries.

Advantages of OOOBTC




  • Support of different languages. The exchange supports various types of languages: English, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Chinese simplified.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Availability of some rare crypto coins on the stock exchange.
  • Fully customizable trading terminal with interactive charts and indicators.
  • Low trade fees. OOOBTC has a low trade commission of 0.25%. Which is an extremely advantageous tariff on the market.
  • OOOBTC has its own OBX token. This token is used to pay Commission on this exchange. This token is represented on three exchanges.
  • Protection against fraud and theft of crypto finance users. To prevent theft from the accounts of users, the exchange has applied an interesting system of limit on the removal of crypto assets.
  • Accounts with initial verification can withdraw funds not exceeding the amount of 0.4 BTC. Accounts with full verification can withdraw amounts up to 100 BTC (when activated by two-factor mode).
  • Providing purses to store all the coins that are presented on the stock exchange.



  OOOBTC-Singapore Crypto Exchange, designed to trade and exchange crypto currency. The exchange provides all relevant, popular and existing functions. The platform fully meets the needs of investors and provides a reliable security system and an intuitive interface.


You can know more about OOOBTC here:

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Bitcointalk name: rafaelyarulin
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OBX Address: 0x8ed61212bec398324d6b1bd239f3cdcd1c47ca3c


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