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Dealing with Life’s Challenges

Pitch: Seeing life not as a perilous journey, but a fantastic voyage

The moment we are born, we commence the expedition of life. The nurturing stage occurs with immediacy and postures us for the stage of focus, when we center our attention on recognizing faces and spaces. The next stage is imitation, where we seek to mimic the actions, speech, and activities of our loved ones. Then comes the most daunting stage of all: learning. During this stage, we strive to figure out where we fit in when it comes to people, places, and things. What makes this stage so very complicated is that our emotions, for the first time, are thrust into the spotlight, and we struggle to understand how to cope with these bizarre, yet compelling feelings that grab us unwittingly by the heart and head, taking us on a ride where we traverse every emotion from angst to zeal, and back to agitation.

As we are pushed off of the ride, we find ourselves highly confused and less confident. But as we continue to get back on and ride the emotional rollercoaster of life, we eventually find ourselves becoming less confused and more confident. However, just as we build up a tolerance, believing that we have our feelings in check, another unexpected loop comes out of nowhere and instantly breaks down all of our sensibilities. In these moments, we experience life’s pangs as our sensitivities are stretched and our perceptions are broadened, leading to an impression that our expedition through this life is, in all actuality, a perilous journey.

I can’t help remembering when I was six years old. It was the first time I'd ever lost my pride. In summary, there was a pretty girl I was trying to impress by doing a double cartwheel. The single cartwheel that I previously performed was sufficient enough to get her attention, but no; I had to put on the charm and one-up myself. Not judging my surroundings, I spun onto a prong of the yard fence, which cut a snag in the leg of my tan corduroy pants, landing me upside down with no way to get up. I dangled there helplessly, struggling to free myself. The girl, finding my dilemma highly amusing, began laughing hysterically and walked off, leaving me there looking like a chump.

Hearing my pleas for help, my hippy aunt emerged from her smoke-filled chamber to free me. She saw just enough of the ordeal to understand what happened. As a means to lift my spirits, she looked at me and said, "Hey kid, cheer up." Life is going to deal you some good days and some bad days; but don’t look at life as a perilous journey; better yet, embrace it as a fantastic voyage! " I did not fully understand then, but as I got older, her psychedelic wisdom would lay several bricks on the foundations of the house of my perceptions.

In reflection, age and wisdom have facilitated an emotional migration away from an early childhood experience that left me with no self-esteem and towards gaining self-esteem in my adult years. As a result, I am growing in confidence in my mind, body, and spirit. I am able to recognize my own strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots, as well as make peace with unpleasant events from my past. I forge ahead with utter confidence, projecting positive energy with each passing day. 

Though she was high as a kite at the time, my aunt must have been applying her intuitive and empathic abilities to my future. Her words were an illustration of my life. The challenges of my early years did indeed seem like a perilous journey, but since then, I have reframed my outlook on the challenges of life as simply a minor passage in the odyssey of a fantastic voyage.

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Aurora Life Solutions Stories
Aurora Life Solutions Stories

My name is Jay. I am a recent military retiree, with over 25 years of service. In this new chapter of my life, I share motivational insights to readers who are looking for inspiration to find and live their best life.

Aurora Life Solutions Stories
Aurora Life Solutions Stories

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