Work & Plandemic

Work n Plandemic

By Atypunj | Aty_talks | 6 Sep 2020

Even if no one believes that it is Plandemic, I still say it loud and clear, it is something we haven't planned in our work schedule, we are still adjusting to our new normal.

Pandemic has not only changes where we work, but also how much and when, the lines have been blurred between the work life balance. You and me are working way longer, the plandemic has increased the workday for me by 2 hours that it used to be, even the studies say the same which has been conducted on over 3 million working people across various nations.

Pandemic has exposed your availability and to ensure job security the definition of the workday has changed, you are always connected with IOT devices, your workday typically starts with your first email and ends with the last email sent or meeting attended but with your uninterrupted availability has demean the meaning of a workday.

With our clients and customers in all parts of globe the before 9 AM and after 5 PM has almost been eradicated.  Team chats, meetings to quench the unending demands from our peers have gone up by a significant margin. Without specifying the late night work too has become common which weren't so prominent pre-lockdown.

This pandemic have put our love lives on hold and two reasons why this is happening is predominantly because of  

* Merging living spaces with work spaces which makes it hard to disconnect

* Considering slowing economic and job losses many feel pressure to impress their bosses that they are working extra to stay afloat with the job.

These are dangerous series of event, It will make you trapped in the thoughts that everyone is talking about this thing and so you must know and think about it too..

Pay attention before you are being attended !!




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