Value yourself !

By Atypunj | Aty_talks | 6 Apr 2021

Value yourself.

A day late for this post as it is Tuesday. This week, put in an effort to evaluate yourself by doing a SWOT analysis. This will help you to know your value and know what value you bring with your knowledge, skills, abilities and previous experiences, as well as your future potential. Always think about how I can add value to what I do and to my value. What is there 5 years down the line if I continue doing the same?
Post evaluation, once you know your real worth, it will not only get reflected in your interactions and in your work, but you won't sell yourself short and this may influence others to value you.

Look in the mirror, and ask yourself whether the sum of all your ongoing activities/decisions, are they leaving a positive or a delta impact on you, What is they key take home for you, a Net positive or Net Negative?

Be honest. Deep down you know what is cooking. The voice of inner conscience . Look for it. You can't lie to yourself.

Analyze yourself and identify one feature which will make someone to reach out. What is that spark? That’s your turning point.

Do a careful analysis of what is pulling you down, why wait for someone else to value you?

Go make a mark and play with your strengths while working on your weakness.

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