Crypto security a must priority !

By Atypunj | Aty_talks | 6 May 2021

With little over 10 years since inception, crypto currencies first caught our imaginations.

A digital currency was born online with decentralization as one of its edge over traditional currency along with no oversight and with none intermediaries. It was great thoughtful response to the great recession of the 2000s, it defied all conventions.

With every great invention it gives birth to controversies along with it. But despite its controversial and disruptive genesis, crypto currencies, or cryptos as they're now often referred, have flourished. We can safely say Digital revolution is far more significant that then invention of fiat. Additionally to the powerhouses, Bitcoin and Ethereum, a few of thousand additional cryptos have emerged and lots of people have embraced them. Thousands of other created hype on cryptos which were created on the basis of whitepaper and in similar fashion lost in that black hole. Exchanges that existed to help make engaging with digital money were hacked and made force shut down.
Crypto currencies have made some people a fortune, but have lost tons for others.
If nothing else, On securing and understanding the danger of crypto currencies, the crypto space has given avenues with equal measures of unpredictability and potential promise. Whether you're new crypto currencies or are using them for awhile, I will give you my view points that might assist you create more informed decisions.

You should study how cryptos work and why cryptography, the art of writing and solving codes, is so important to its function.

You'll appreciate the importance of private keys and why they have to be protected within the least costs. For securing your investment and time in crypto currencies that transcend the technical aspects.


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