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Benefits of Cognitive Flexibility

By Atypunj | Aty_talks | 31 Oct 2021


In the modern workspace, Burnout has become unavoidable, which has been fuelled by disruptions, impediments, emotional setbacks, and the ever-existing need to improvise in work to combat the challenging work sphere.

To avoid “Burnout”, there has been a substantial demand for Cognitive flexibility, a skill in an employee/ human which makes a huge difference in performing/handling tasks by adopting changing landscapes of modern employment.

Employees who score high on cognitive flexibility are better equipped to handle

  • Stress
  • Emotional distraught,
  • Hardships, by being more resilient.
  • Delta Feedbacks
  • Learning from mistakes.

And, they can administer their mental equilibrium, with better adaptation to challenging working conditions they are able to develop insights and how they work best on their delta area.

People with high cognitive flexibility score high emotionally and interpersonally as they are willing to see & understand the perspectives of others, which makes them more collaborative & adaptive to growth. This will also help them overcome their rigid behavioral patterns like the blame game, obsessions, shame, anxiety, resentment, and depression.

Sometimes, an employee has to bring change/adjustment in his/her thought processes for acceptance to a different viewpoint which will bring in more adaptability to life in general leading to resilience, abundance, and incremental fulfillment.



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