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By attilioCesare | attilio-Cesare Lives | 25 Mar 2021

it was three days before my youngest offspring, son, was to celebrate his 18th anniversary since BEing born.  he was in his senior year of high school and had all his ducks-in-a-row to move out to attend college/University on a different distant part of the Country of Florida from the, Jacksonville Florida beaches town, home at which his, three years older, siStar and i had been renting/residing.  my daughter, as well, was all set to relocate herself to Jacksonville North Carolina to BE near my NOW son-in-law and father of my granddaughters, who was a U.S.Marine stationed on Camp Lejuene at the time, over a decade ago.


little did i know, that i was going to receive one of the greatest gifts of this lifetime experience, that day, as i drove the MAZDA CORPORATION company lease-car onto  the Jacksonville Port Operations office site, i managed as part of the highest rung of the MAZDA-CORPORATE-ladder enslavement i had endured for more than 23 sets of 4-Seasons.  

i had been sharing with family and friends, for quite a while at that point in time, just how frustrated i had become with the j.o.b. (just over broke) employment as Mazda’s Logistics Division Port Jacksonville Operations Manager, as the CORPORATE politics continued to make the job much more difficult to endure than previously.  and that, even though i considered myself “a car-guy” and i had Loved my job/enslavement previously, i couldn’t possibly “quit my job”, because i AM not a “quiter”, and i would say “how perfect it would BE if i were to get ‘laid-off’ with a sweet severance package”.  well, i believe that, i spoke those words (and cast that “spell”) to enough different people, enough different times... that Creator provided perfectly, at the perfect time, for me and my offspring!


upon arrival at the office, that day, i was surprised to find my immediate supervisor/national-manager, who had his office located at MAZDA’s Headquarters on California, where i had started my MAZDA career nearly a quarter of a century earlier, sitting in my Jacksonville office, waiting for my arrival there.  he had several stacks of papers sitting on my desk and began by telling me that MAZDA was in the midst of a, yet another, “right-sizing” (nice “politically-correct” way of saying “down-sizing”) of CORPORATE employee staff and two employees (of the three there) were being “let go”... and, he had already given one of the two their “walking-papers”... and, that i was the other employee BEing “laid-off”!


as the biggest smile, i may have ever smiled, widened across my face, i jumped-up out of the chair i had been reclining in, and shook his hand vigorously, saying “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”   i could tell that he was dumbfounded by my reaction to the news, and probably fully expected me to cry about it instead, as that was the “normal” response he observed while delivering that news/paperwork to other staffers he managed. i looked over the “sweet severance package” paperwork and i realized that that was the first time i had manifested something in this lifetime experience i desired, due to my speaking the intention and releasing it to Creator to provide, without any specific expectation.


i had, actually, been heavily involved in DOing some manifestation meditations to obtain something/s completely different in my Life previous to that time, which never did/has come.  and then, realised that what i thought i wanted and believed would serve me well, actually would not have (served well), and thus perfectly never manifest.  however, this desire which i kept quietly in my heart ❤️ came perfectly, at the perfect time and the perfect place for my, and ALL’s, highest perfection!🎉


as i departed the office/port-operations site, that day, shortly after gathering my personal affects and “walking-papers”, decided to send a group text-message to a few select family members and friends stating:  “my dreams had come true, and i had just been released from the slavery of THE beast SYSTEM and i could not BE happier!” 😆  little did i know, that that was only the start of my beginning to BE the happiest Man i know, which carries through to this very moment!  the first reply to that text message came from a brother i had met, and become close with only recently at a naturist festival on central Florida, and ultimately come to share a RV site with on South Florida at a “family-oriented naturist RV resort” called Sunsport Gardens. Javier, as his given-name, responded with: “welcome to Freedom, brother!”  the next reply to the text-message came, from a local Jacksonville friend who slave-labors (to this day) as his own perceived [slave-]Master working his own business, as: “OMG! what are you going to DO for a job, NOW?”  i did not even respond to his reply, and believed that i would not BE spending much more time sharing in the energies that One exuded (i.e. fear).




during the, Free, time between “the lay-off” and my, and my kids, departure from the brick-and-mortar residence we shared, at the time... i in-Joyed much quality time with, mostly, my son, and my daughter, before we would each continue on our respective, independent, Life paths.  BEing gifted with the hair (of Ceasar) manifest, i believe, as part of the spell cast and gifted to me upon BEing born with my maternal-grandfather’s given-name of “Cesare” (which i Learned means “hairy/full head of hair”), and always being desirous of styling the head-hair into a “mohawk” (but knew that would never fly in CORPORATE-UNITED STATES)... got my mohawk hairstyle and drug my son, mostly against his desires, to Miami South Beach for nearly 20 days of revelry at “Winter Music Conference” (WMC), which culminated with “Ultra Music Festival” (UMF) and showed him the time of his Life, up to that point in his Lifetime experience.



my son was more into “hip-hop” music, at that time.  however, he came away with a whole new appreciation for “electronic dance music” (EDM) after that experience, which he vehemently opposed previously.  he, even, went so far as to become a very popular EDM disc-jockey (DJ) on his college/University campus/town, during that time following his WMC/UMF EDM-baptism of Music by his papa.


during the past few sets of 4-Seasons, leading-up to “the lay-off”, i had introduced my daughter and son to one of my, going back to childhood, passions of off-road motorcycle riding, at their request.  i had held-on to, not only an old dirtbike which i moved with US, in disrepair, from California, to Michigan, to Florida (without ever repairing or riding) but, a stack of old “DIRT BIKE” and “DIRT-RIDER” magazines forever.  and, many of the issues had advertisements featuring kid-sized, mini-motorcycles on the back-cover, which the two young children took note of often, as they walked past the dusty old motorcycle and stack of magazines in the garage of each of the houses we lived, as they grew older.  one day, they came to me together with one of thoses magazines in-hand, and asked: “dad, can we get motorcycles, too, one day?”  i, jubilantly, replied “Heaven-Yes!”  that would BE just the trigger that would move me to repair the bike i already had, buy them each their own mini-motorcycle or mini-4-wheeler, and get the whole family out riding together off-road. 

attilio-cesare #23c Florida Trail Riders harescramble

i not only bought the kids a bike, and a “quad” for my daughter, with all the appropriate protective gear... i purchased a “toy-hauler” recreational vehicle (RV) travel-trailer, so we would have all the comforts of “home” while we were out off the beaten path in-Joying off-road adventures. and, it was that RV, which i towed with a diesel pickup truck, which i had paid off both loans on both vehicles shortly before “the lay-off”, which i would move into and launch off Living nomadicly for the next several sets of 4-Seasons...


as the time came for the three of US, my daughter, son and i, to go our separate ways, and move out of that Jacksonville beaches house, i sold, gave-away and/or donated all the physical possessions which i had accumulated, over a Lifetime to that point, and moved the possessions which i believed i would need, into the RV and/or the covered-bed of the truck. and, we were off, separately on our respective journeys!


to BE continued...

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natural born Californian, who has learned to become uneducated to those Lies taught in mind-control (government) schools, myself!👑

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