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AMFPEE's newest co-inhabitant on the Land

By attilioCesare | attilio-Cesare Lives | 19 Sep 2021

Only, now, after four sets of four Seasons since the ACG TRUST acquired the Land and established the "Adobe Mountain Foothills Permaculture Experiment Experience" (AMFPEE) and Healing Center... has a new co-inhabitant arrived that IS honoring the agreements 100%!

The TRUST has always had the open-door policy, that anyone is welcome to reside on the AMFPEE Land... who can get themselves there, provide their own housing structure, which supports the individual's own comfort needs/desires, and provide for themselves and their daily needs/desires.

In exchange for the place to LIVE and heal, any sort of energetic exchange contributing to the AMFPEE is appreciated.  This could BE assisting in the building, maintenance and/or care of the Land, Plants and/or design projects.  Or, the energy exchange could BE gifting the PEE with One's own Art or resources.

The AMFPEE's first co-inhabitant, to arrive in the middle of the desert, agreed and stated that he would bring a "green-house" and desired to grow plants.  Ultimately, this brother never brought, nor constructed, anything of value to the PEE.  And, even ended-up setting-up a gorilla-grow-operation, of his own, off of the AMFPEE property and was stealing AMFPEE water to support that operation... which resulted in him being invited to depart the AMFPEE.

Co-inhabitant number two came with many aspirations to contribute and support the PEE.  He had difficulty right from the start, by requiring the assistance of "Betsy" ( the TRUST's one-ton VAN and resident "water-buffalo") and Attilio-Cesare in getting the towed recreational vehicle (RV) motorhome, he chose to be his housing structure, positioned onto the Land.  And, subsequently, same as co-inhabitant number one, never contributed anything, in the way of successful completed projects, he had aspirations to provide.  BEing a talented musician, number two was advised that much value was received by the PEE and Healing Center, just by his contributions of his Art.  However, the ART contributions were few and far between, and eventually dwindled down to non-existent.

NOW comes co-inhabitant number three!  This beautiful BEing arrived without invitation, notice, fanfare, nor assistance-required...  Has made itself "at Home" on the Land without detracting from the natural beauty of the Land...  Has contributed to the PEE by feeding/caring for itself via the Land’s natural resources, resulting in a reduced mouse / rat / rabbit presence, which had been having a negative affect on cultivated food crops there!

Well-Come!!  "Hunter" the Cat!   i guess the third time IS the charm!!!

Video of "Hunter" sighting...

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attilio-Cesare Lives

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