Atom Collector Records Sunday Selection

Atom Collector Records Sunday Selection


The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use

For Your Smiling Eyes by Fleursonseaux

Crackin` Up by Indus Rush

This great song was my second single and was written by Tom Clelland, a guy who lives in Wood Green and plays on the street down there regularly. He introduced the song to me when we both lived in Woking, where we both grew up. I saw him play in the pub and immediately liked his eccentricity and his music, and we'd had a lot in common, having done the Brixton scene in the 70's. I played this song Live with the Big Buddha Blues Band in Thailand, and still love it now, so I included it on my first album.


Lyrics for "Crackin' Up"

First you're a baby, then your a child,
They send you to school with your head runnin' wild.
Give you some lessons to slow you right down,
It takes you 20 more years just to come back around,

You're Crackin' up,
You're Crackin' up,
You're Crackin' up,

Then you leave school at a suitable age,
You get yourself a job with a suitable wage.
The management say "Hey!, You're just what we need,
You'd better wanna follow as we wanna lead",

You're Crackin' up,
You're Crackin' up,
You're Crackin' up,

Everybody's rushin'
Round and round and round,
Here and there and everywhere,
Everybody's upside down

You're Crackin' up,
You're Crackin' up,
You're Crackin' up,

You go to a bar, You're feeling quite dry,
You really need something to get yourself high.
Money on the table, to get nicely pissed,
There's nothing quite like it to forget about this,

You're Crackin' up,
You're Crackin' up,
You're Crackin' up,

You're Crackin' up,
You're Crackin' up,
You're Crackin' up,

A Leaves Roof by Fleursonseaux

The Quiet Lithuanians by Gerontius

Cloud City 3 by QT

The Moonlight (Stina with Lukowig) by Lukowig

Here is a collaboration with Stina @user-599928229 a great artist whose songs I really appreciate!
Thank you so much Stina for inviting me to sing with you! It was an honor and a pleasure for me!
Please visit Stina's SC page:

Instrumental/mix /vocal/lyrics: Stina
Vocal/backing/lyrics: Lukowig


The Moonlight

När vinden sakt flyger hör du ett ljud från skogen
När vi kommer nära så vill du inte höra

Vi är tillsammans..Nu
åh vi...

Quand la lumière lunaire
vacille et sombre dans l'effroi
Sens-tu l'imperceptible que tu refuses de voir ?
Nous, unis par l'esprit, nous sommes

När jag tittar tillbaks kommer jag inte se
Vi försvann i skenet nu
När vinden ler

Vi vi är tillsammans nu
åh vi...
vi vi är tillsammans nu
aahh vi

Quand mon regard repose
au-delà de l'horizon létal
s'embrase notre indéfectible amour sous la lune pâle...
Nous, unis pour la vie, nous sommes

Claire by Indus Rush

Claire is a song about a real person, a lovely girl I met from Aix en Provence when I lived in Brixton in a squat there many years ago. I eventually went to France to be told that I was only a friend, and not to consider her as a girlfriend, which upset me a little bit, so I went out with her sister instead...! Any how, the song came from tinkering around on the guitar on the C chord and experimenting with finger all kind of just fell into place. I wrote about Claire in the lyrics and added some French words at the end, as a reminder of a really happy time in France......I met some great people there.


Claire Lyrics

Well I saw Claire today,
She wears her cloths in a very French way,
Well you know she makes me laugh,
Coz she looks just like a Hamilton photograph.
As the wind takes her hair, the sun makes her smile,
Such a belle, I saw Claire today.

Qu'elle est belle, J'ai vu Claire tu sais.
Qu'elle est belle, J'ai vu Claire tu sais.

Nyertun - Mindconnection - 01 - Freedom by Beats4Change

The mind must always be free to wander and establish mind-connections transcending and transforming reality

“Every human being is an artist, a freedom being, called to participate in transforming and reshaping the conditions, thinking and structures that shape and inform our lives.”
― Joseph Beuys

Nyertun - Mindconnection: Tunes from 2005-2007 Made with Reason

♫ Music is the weapon for the givers of life ♫
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Constellation Lyra - Just Look At Me by Constellation Lyra

Here is my brand new Deep House track. Listen with headphones...

"Just look at me..."

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Back In the Daze (Spacegaze Version) [feat. Jigsaw Puzzle Glue] by Alonewolf

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Trenton Lundy
Trenton Lundy

L1, Legendary Funk Master from Rising Star Game. I'm a multi-instrumentalist, I also write, compose, arrange, record, edit, mix, produce and perform my own original funky music.

Atom Collector Weekend Selection
Atom Collector Weekend Selection

The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use (

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