My First Fortnite Game Was A Victory - MYSTORY Nr14

My First Fortnite Game Was A Victory - MYSTORY Nr14


My First Fortnite Game Was A Victory - MYSTORY Nr14

I Won My First Ever Fortnite Battle Royale Game


Hello World, Hello Viewers!

This is the most epic Fortnite win ever because it was my first game ever.

I really won my first battle royale Fortnite online game.

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_______________ Fortnite _______________

Battle Royale And I Won My First Game Ever




Hello World!

As I am trying to gain followers, subscribers and friends I decided to play some of the more trending games. I tired the epic battle royale game that you might know under the name…


It is season three and the game is free and very funny as you will see in my video.




The fact that Fortnite is a free online battle royale game makes it very interesting for gamers like me because my graphics card has consumed all my money.

Actually I watched the intro video and tried to figure out how the menu works and after messing around fifteen minutes I finally had it and tried my first match.


15:00 - VICTORY


I really do not know how many people achieve this but I did something that was untypical for me.

I won!

I actually managed to win my first match, my first round of a game that I had never tried before! Was it bots? Was it luck or was it aliens?

I do not know but I am super lucky to share this with you and to have an actual achievement here on my channels, pages and networks.

I love you people!


20:00 - FIRSTWIN


I still was confused and amazed by the fact that I managed to achieve this epic goal and I was dancing with my fellow teammates that made this possible.

I am thankful for your service. Your legacy will be honoured.

I actually won my first try ever and I will come back.

You are the heroes we need but I am the one we got.

I will try to fulfil my destiny.

Whatever this means.


25:00 - GAMEPLAY


I also thought that it would make lots of sense to try some other modes to complete my first Fortnite battle royale video and I did.

The gameplay of this nice product was epic and I must say that I might actually return to this game voluntarily in the future.

I you like this let me know.


30:00 - VIDEO


Actually there is not much to say than the following.

I must know if you like the video and blog post format, shall I write more or less?

I love you humans out there, I must say thank you for the support, the comments, the feedback and everything that you do to help me.

I might have few followers at this moment but I will keep doing what I do.

Have a great day!

End of line…

Yours Sincerely,



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