Hilarious First Fortnite Solo Win - MYSTORY Nr15

Hilarious First Fortnite Solo Win - MYSTORY Nr15


Hilarious First Fortnite Solo Win - MYSTORY Nr15

My Epic First Solo Battle Royale Victory


Hello World, Hello Viewers!

A hilarious Fortnite battle royale solo victory video was made.

Fortnite is epic because this was again my first solo match and I won it.



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_______________ Fortnite Solo Victory _______________

Fortnite Free Battle Royale Epic Victory




Hello World!

As if my last post was not epic enough I managed to do another epic win in Fortnite battle royale. I started with the non-battle-royale mode.

I actually was not fragged by one single enemy yet. I destroyed myself multiple times but I still not knowing how enemy fire feels in my back.

This was also my first solo match and I used a special tactic that was of course questionable or maybe not.




The game might be free but the victory costs much.

Actually I did simple not destroy a single enemy and decided to fly in a helicopter until my last opponent decided to jump in the plasmatic wall of the last ring in the Fortnite storm.

If you like this tactic let me know but I will try to start playing this game properly in the future if I can.




In fact this gameplay was amazing because I actually won my first game and this one too which was basically my first solo Fortnite match.

I honestly like the fact that this game is free because I do not like to spend money. All my savings where stolen in a big heist committed by my graphics card.

If Fortnite keeps being weird I will keep playing it because I can and I like.

If this text makes your brain hurt I am sorry.




I also tried other modes but they where not battle royale but still based on the same principle but with respawn and teams.

By the way, I do not know why I cannot spawn with premade classes like on other games because there are guns behind every rock in Fortnite.

This must be something special in online battle royale games.

Not that there are many offline battle royale games.




I am not a pro gamer but I hope you like my playstyle. I also think that this post has to end at some point.

But it will not end. Just kidding, I will end it.

I am not a professional gamer but my tactics are super weird and I love them for making some funny videos if possible.

I do not say that I love Fortnite but I …

I would say I like it if it brings me views and I love the design of the game.




With that being said I am happy that you are reading these lines and if you made it that far I would love it to get some feedback.

Maybe this text is great, maybe it is bad but for sure it is my text.

Give me some V-bucks or juice and I will be as happy as a filled ATM.

This does not make sense but I think I have to point this out.

Live long and watch my videos!

Yours Sincerely,



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