First Time Cs Go Player Video - MYSTORY Nr13

First Time Cs Go Player Video - MYSTORY Nr13


First Time Cs Go Player Video - MYSTORY Nr13

Counter Strike Global Offensive Gameplay


Hello World, Hello Viewers!

I tried the classic game Counter Strike Global Offensive.

A new free game gameplay.

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_______________ Counter Strike Global Offensive _______________

Exploring Some Exodus And Destiny




Hello World!

In this blog post and video I tried the legendary free source engine game Counter Strike Global Offensive the first time properly.

I mean that I did try it before but I never really tried to go pro…

Which is a joke because I am far from being professional.




In fact this whole post and gameplay revolves around my first steps in this game and my attempts to not fail.

I also want to mention that I would be glad for some feedback and if you could tell me what you want me to play else.




The game was of course made with the epic Source Engine.

In some modes people get the chance to jump high like on the Moon which I think is simply more epic than not jumping for reasons I cannot further explain.


20:00 - GAMEPLAY


I personally like the fact that Counter Strike has a Battle Royale mode that I will for sure also try if I find some other players.

However in this gameplay I tried some normal modes and training with Bots and the training mission.


30:00 - GAMING


In fact this was my first longer gameplay of Cs Go in 2020 and I must say that it was actually amazingly fun.

For some reasons it seems that people are not evil against noobs.


35:00 - VIDEO


If you like the blog post and the video I always like to get feedback and comments and everything that is nice to have.

I hope you have a great or amazing day or week!

Yours Sincerely,



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