COLLAPSING THE BURJ KHALIFA But Surprisingly Not Terrorism - MYSTORY Nr61

COLLAPSING THE BURJ KHALIFA But Surprisingly Not Terrorism - MYSTORY Nr61



COLLAPSING THE BURJ KHALIFA But Surprisingly Not Terrorism - MYSTORY Nr61

The Controlled Destruction Of The Highest Tower In The World


The title of blowing up the Burj Khalifa is a lie by the way.

Basically I remade the highest building in the world in Cryengine.

I also decided to just do some weird physics simulation.

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Hello World, Hello Viewers!

I am, back with my newest post and I am here to (virtually) build the Burj Khalifa tower just for fun.

I also called some experts (just myself) in destruction just to blow up the highest building in the world or at least in my simulation.




Highest towers in the world are just there to be remade in games by weird content creators to blow them up for the entertainment of the audience.

I hope everyone has some explosion proof umbrellas.




On my questionable journey to become content creator I decided that I had to make some spectacular physics simulations.

This post and video is not spectacular but it shows the beginning of what I might be able to do in the future although I must say that this was actually epic.




This post and video contain some hopefully cool physics simulation of the non-terrorist destruction of the Burj Khalifa.

I like how precise I was able to remake that epic building in Cryengine.




Considering the fact that the timestamp names are getting longer the longer this post gets I wanted to mention that the last sentence of the previous section was sarcastic.

I did just use trash-bins to rebuild this high building but it ended up looking interesting.




If destruction videos and posts get more engagement like people posting tags in the comment section and stuff I will just make more like that while still making some other types of content.

I am also planning to do some real-life destruction videos that might be better because I am better in doing real-life destruction than physics simulation.

Don’t get hit by fragments of falling towers and have a nice millennium.

I love building stuff.

By the way don’t forget:

DoGe To ThE MoOn!!!

Yours Sincerely,



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