CoinPot closing down !

The "bad guys" got the better of Coinpot and their faucets 😈 (CLOSED DEFINITELY)

By AtipikNews | Atipik | 30 Jan 2021

(À lire absolument si vous avez un compte chez eux!)


L'un des plus gros faucet va fermer ces portes et pour de bon ! 


CoinPot closing down


It is with sadness that we learn the news from CoinPot, the site and its 7 partner taps will be closing over the next month. This decision was made for the reasons I will detail below.

CoinPot reassures its users:


As always, we are fully committed to our loyal and fantastic users and will ensure that you have sufficient time to make final claims on the taps and withdraw any remaining balance.


Which web sites does this affect?


 Bitcoin Dogecoin Litecoin

BCH Dashcoin   Bonus bitcoin closed   BitFun closed



Quand cela arrivera-t-il ?!


Ce sont les dates importantes dont vous devez être conscient:


- 31ST JANUARY 2021


At midnight on the 31st January 2021 the following will happen...

  • All 7 faucets will cease to operate. No further faucet claims will be possible after this time and each faucet will be replaced by a holding page advising of the closure.
  • The following functions of CoinPot will cease:

Registration (no new users will be able to register)




VIP Rewards


Coinpot options


  • The following functions of CoinPot will continue to be available:

Sign In/Out




Coinpot withdraw


- 28TH FEBRUARY 2021


4 weeks later at midnight on the 28th February 2021 the following will happen...

  • The remaining functions of CoinPot will cease:

Sign In/Out



  • CoinPot will be replaced by a holding page advising of the closure.
  • All private user data, email addresses, security credentials will be removed from our servers for all 8 web sites.


coinpot wallet closed



Why is CoinPot closing?


The quick answer to this question is that they no longer have the time or resources to maintain the faucets at the level of quality to which they have become accustomed.


The longer answer...

Faucets and CoinPot have always been run as a hobby, something they do for fun and learning outside of their families and day jobs. They've always tried to earn enough advertising revenue to pay for servers and hosting fees, and then pay you everything else in the form of tap claims and referral fees. As a result of this policy, their taps have earned the reputation of being the highest paying taps on the market and have grown very quickly.

In addition, CoinPot's success with their games/games/challenges/VIP meant that they were spending more and more of their free time improveing/repairing things. Unfortunately, the biggest waste of time became fighting fraud and identifying cheaters. This is necessary, otherwise our extremely low profit margins would be wiped out overnight!

Over the past few years, they have developed a complex fraud engine that analyzes users who claim parts and looks for fraud/robot use. This engine is constantly developing with new techniques to fight the bad guys! They are extremely proud of the way this fight against fraud works - and this is the part of the system that CoinPot will continue to keep alive in the future!


bad guys


Starting next month, they will start a new project on which they don't want to reveal too much information at the moment. It is part of the world of cryptography but has nothing to do with taps, and it will be built around the CoinPot fraud engine and all the knowledge they have or accumulated over the years.

This means, however, that they can no longer justify the time they spend on CoinPot and the taps. They will be completely shut down by the end of February, as I explained above.

Don't forget to withdraw your funds before it's too late!



Thank you all for your support and feedback!




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