Publish0x 2020 Review

Publish0x 2020 in Review + $FARM Added for Tipping!

By AtipikNews | Atipik | 21 Jan 2021


What 2020 Looked Like for Publish0x, and What to Expect in 2021?


Here's what happened in 2020 on Publish0x:


  • The number of tips paid on tickets was multiplied by 10 compared to 2019! Together we gave more than 10 million tips!
  • The user base has grown 6.5 times!
  • And the web traffic has increased by more than 5x!


What to Expect in 2021 from Publish0x?


  • In 2021, you can expect Publish0x to focus even more on improving their platform, you can expect more contests, more tokens, more advice... more of everything! :)




New Tipping Token Added - $FARM!


What is $FARM?


  • It can be described as a Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) platform. It provides an option for users to deposit their idle crypto assets into the Harvest Finance protocol and let it do all of the work
  • No more spending endless hours searching this week’s highest APY and extra money on gas fees. 
  • When your funds are inside Harvest Finance, the protocol automatically farms the best yields for you and distributes profits to the people. As a result, it lowers the barrier to entry for yield farming and helps save on gas costs as all funds are pooled together.




$FARM has already replaced BAT as a tipping token. 


  • If you do not ask for a withdrawal of your $BAT tokens from Publish0x before Tuesday, February 2nd, we will automatically swap them for $FARM tokens, in a similar fashion to how we've previously swapped $LRC into $AMPL.


Learn more about FARM:


Thank you all for your support and feedback!



1. Publish0x official blog 

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