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He installs a six RTX 3080 rig in the trunk of his BMW i8 🚀 (Drive to the MOON)

By AtipikNews | Atipik | 26 Jan 2021


Drive to the MOON 🚀


“I'm not in crypto to make a fast buck, but I'll take the bonus” 

Crypto enthusiast Simon Byrne has taken crypto mining out of the garage and onto the road after installing a small farm in the trunk of his car.

According to a report from Tom's Hardware, Byrne purchased a BMW i8 hybrid vehicle retailing for roughly $150,000 and equipped it with a small crypto mining rig consisting of six GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards. The rig is powered by an ASUS B250 Mining Expert board and an EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 power supply. It is reportedly capable of mining both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).


BMW Mining


"Crypto may be driven by code, but it's fueled by a passionate, altruistic, open-sourced community. Individuals who voluntarily invest their time & energy helping others without coercion or the threat of violence. They recognize that their success is dependant on the success of others. I'm not in Crypto to make a fast buck, but I'll take the bonus; I'm in it because it's a vision of a utopian world where services are acquired through voluntary relationships."

The Nevada-based HODLer - as his license plate states - reportedly built the entire setup himself "to annoy gamers" and earn money while on the go. While the graphics cards Byrne uses are marketed toward high-end PC gamers, some miners are able to use their enhanced specifications for crypto.

The car’s battery can reportedly handle powering the farm, but heat is still a concern. Maybe Byrne plans on primarily driving and mining in the winter? Otherwise, he will likely need to keep his BMW’s rear hatch open for ventilation.

Cointelegraph reported in December that the same speedster spent more than $93,000 to install 78 graphics cards in his home to mine Ether when the price of the token was just over $700. At the time, estimates put Byrne’s setup as capable of generating roughly $122,000 in profit per year, despite a massive electric bill.





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