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Elon Musk adds #bitcoin ₿ to his twitter description, and blows up the price by $6000+ (USD) 🚀

By AtipikNews | Atipik | 29 Jan 2021


Profil Elon Musk



Today, Elon Musk has been talked about again in the world of cryptography, you may have been surprised to see that his profile was now displaying the colors of Bitcoin... and even that he let himself go (troll of anthology or not) to declare that "it was inevitable anyway, with hindsight".



Tweet Elon Bitcoin


Bitcoin took off from $32'000 to over $38'000... in the greatest of calms. Whether it was a deliberate Elon Musk troll or not, it doesn't matter: once again, Bitcoin demonstrates its capabilities.


Bitcoin Price


For the moment, only one instruction: fasten your belts...!



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Good news, bad news, ALL NEWS!

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