Waiting for Spring to Spring
Single forsythia bloom

Waiting for Spring to Spring

By CDBeck | AtHome | 4 Feb 2021

Winter keeps hanging around with a new storm system blowing through every week.   While waiting for spring to spring, I go out into the yard every morning to see how my outdoor plants are doing.

The outdoor succulents are surviving!

I planted this ghost plant (Graptopetalum) last spring as part of a succulent/ cactus display in front of a southwest facing brick wall.  It grew so well last summer that I couldn't bring the entire plant indoors for the winter.  

Ghost plant (Graptopetalum)

So far they haven't frozen but I can't say the same for this poor little bee:

Bee frozen in birdbath

I found this drowned bee frozen in the bird bath.  (Yeah I know.  Bees aren't plants but I liked this picture so much I just had to post it.)

The buds Are swelling!

Early blooming bushes and trees are budding out.

Dogwood bud

Dogwood bud

Holly buds

Buds forming on the stem of a holly bush 

Forsythia buds

Forsythia buds

Spring bulbs are breaking ground!

Spring bulbs are breaking dormancy.

Hyacinth breaking through

First sign of hyacinths


The blooms on these daffodils are getting close to opening.  I can't wait!

And some arugula is still hanging on!

Arugula with a side of mustard

The arugula is in the middle of the picture.  The tallish plant to the right is a mustard that volunteered during the fall.  It puts on a little growth every time we get a few warm days.


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