Is It Spring Yet?
Macro phot of daffodil bloom

Is It Spring Yet?

By CDBeck | AtHome | 28 Feb 2021

Spring starts and stops here depending on if the polar vortex is in town or not.  I've watched these early daffodils for a few weeks and now they are finally blooming.

cluster of blooming daffodils


The cats are happy that the catnip is putting out fresh leaves.


Catnip leafing out

I found some snowdrops in bloom.

single snowdrop in bloom

One of three snowdrops in bloom

Macro photo of snowdrop bloom


Maybe these crocus blooms will open tomorrow.

closes crocus flowers

Now I’m eager to start my spring garden.  I’ve started some shallots and onions indoors on a heat mat and under grow lights while I’m waiting for planting season!

Macro photo of shallot seedlings

Shallot seedlings

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