Unlock your PACT Token!

By Ather Foundation | Ather | 24 Apr 2021

This is just the beginning of the Big Game! PACT provides many benefits to P2PB2B as a utility token. You will need to put in a little effort to unlock more PACTs.


Just a short list of perks

✓ Discount on trading fee
✓ Increased interest during earning sessions
✓ Exclusive airdrops, competitions, etc.
Only 1 step away to get 10 Free PACT.

Verify your Account
Immediately verify your account before May 1


Ather Tokenomic

PRE-IEO Supply Only 8% Take your chance to get ATR for as low as $ 0.09

Invest in ATR

Invest now before April 25th


Ather Airdrop Round 2

Ather is a trusted & emerging projects to offer an easy way to get $ATR Token for free.

Join Airdrop

Here is the telegram group team to get help and support 24/7
Ather Community

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We present Ather Token, a decentralized digital asset. which is built into the tron network.

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