Push Till The Last Moment – My Hustle Report Card: May 21 2020
Set Your Mind, GET IT!!!

Push Till The Last Moment – My Hustle Report Card: May 21 2020

By d00k13 | @d00k13 | 23 May 2020


Day two of this new “push it till the end” kick, working SkipTheDishes right till the end of the day I happened to get a decent leg up thanks to one restaurant right at the very end.


I didn’t make it home till long into the next day, I barely even remembered to check my phone for that matter 😅 busy I was and luckily it translated to steps in my final hours …

Push Till The Last Minute

The Days Events


  • Blockchain Coffee, Just the usual morning freewrite post


  • SkipTheDishes, right till the end of the day …

Feeling Kiddish Working SkipTheDishes… The Little Things

  • Went Live, during my late lunch talking about how little things can make all the difference ❤️ I was rather pleased with the stream being the first one to get some serious engagement. Talking about youthful memories and some of the people from my childhood happened to join and chat in live, it was perfect!

Gadget Boosted

30ma9p.jpg tp9w0h.jpg uw3gx9.jpg afk8cq.jpg keuccm.jpg

  • Friend Boosts & Rankers up for grabs drop a comment blow which you would prefer 😉

The Reward!!!


  • THC Gummies, wanting to be able to get to sleep right away I ended up eating a bunch of gummy‘s and just passing right out 😅

Set Your Mind, GET IT!!!

This is what creation does for me… aided by cannabis for comfort within my own skin… daily I find ways to get through the torment I carry by applying it. If I must experience the pain I mind as well put it to good use 🤑



Daily Activity,Moving Around Office,Walking

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