My New Silicone Rasta & Thoughts Of A Stoner

By d00k13 | @d00k13 | 4 Aug 2020



Brilliantly Vague


I am Cam, nice of you to meet me 😅

Went down to the B.C. Smoke Shop yesterday and picked up a new Rasta Bong, gotta love it! Paying for convenience obviously I just grabbed the best option available in anything other then a solid colour. Most likely the Rasta would have been my first choice anyways …





One Love Smoke

First I have purchased of this company and I do have a few complaints though not particularly anything of concern 😅




The top does not match the bottom no matter which way I try flip or spin it. Obviously made from a separate batch though fits and functions just fine but it is one of those things I will forever look at 🤔 will be good for fooling people … hey put the top on right 🤣🤣🤣




The suction cup on the bottom required a little trimming prior to working, excess silicone left over.

Other then those 2 things I am extremely pleased!




Used it as an opportunity to promote a little though no management around to follow up on further distribution of cards. The clerk did take one after I mentioned I would be posting about my purchase.

So please do check out their webpage below 👌

BC Smoke Shop




One of the most expensive bongs I have purchased, I typically search for deals. Also the first with a proper ice catch 😉





Removable and cleanable means I can stick what ever I want in there … naturally flavoured tokes anyone? … screw the flavour additives! Make your own ice cubes and cheap juice for a summer time cooling flavour packed treat 👍


High AF






Sitting here looking the thing over it dawns on me what is different about this bong. Why it seems to function so well besides being brand new and clean.

The bowl has an interesting shape, now that it’s dirty I can’t really take a good shot. The face around the hole creates a flat spot at the bottom of the bowl. Underside is wide open to the tube with no pinching.




How it is designed makes for easy pull through of ash while stoping the unburnt weed from drawing through walla full burn plus a decent handle I know that I won’t regret this purchase!

Regrets … going off topic …

I stumbled across a comment by someone on a post from a long while ago. This venture lead me to discover something awesome I didn’t know about. Sadly I couldn’t let it be leading to my biggest regret when searching into it further…..


read the rest here on





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