CBD Will Fall To The Cannabis Market And It Heals Your Liver! - Blockchain Coffee “Liver Damage”

CBD Will Fall To The Cannabis Market And It Heals Your Liver! - Blockchain Coffee “Liver Damage”

By d00k13 | @d00k13 | 20 Apr 2020



420FreeWrite Prompt "Liver Damage"


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One thought experiment occurred to me while researching this article.
I came across this Leafly article describing a day of testimony this past May before the FDA. In particular, I was struck by the words of Alice Mead, on hand to represent the interests of GW Pharmaceuticals, which specializes in developing pharmaceutical drugs extracted from cannabis plants—including Epidiolex, the world’s first FDA-approved CBD drug.
Normally, when Big Pharma talks to the FDA about their products, they make every effort to present the rosiest picture possible. But Mead took pains to mention that CBD is “potentially toxic to the liver” and “has powerful drug-drug interactions.”
Source: That alarming CBD liver damage study is bunk—and the media should know better


CBD Will Fall To The Cannabis Market And Heals Your Liver! - Blockchain Coffee “Liver Damage”


There are many things that cannabis can help for but can this natural substance help for organ damage? The most suggested use cases for cannabis seem to be more for people in a place of terminal care relative to quality of life and comfort not necessarily the healing side of things. Terminal care patients are those most likely past the “getting better” options thus all options are opened, and we see things normally not suggested being championed over others. Things like cannabis which have slim to no side effects other then the munchies yet fall outside the normal pharmaceutical patenting drastically slowing the adoption even while we have successful campaigns for legalization.

Wait didn’t I read something about #CBD being bad for your liver? I suppose to many that would suggest that all Cannabis would be considered bad for your liver, this is not the case in the slightest. If we look into the study done then we will find, like all those done before it, the circumstances are not ones which provide opportunity for unbiased results.


e85283a992b8e4d1aec11a087544212d47803b9a.pngSource: That alarming CBD liver damage study is bunk—and the media should know better

It’s 2019 and we still live in a world where one small study, on mice, with a highly questionable methodology, published in a marginal journal, with major flaws, leads to a clickbait media panic.
Recently, you may have seen a Forbes article headlined “Marijuana Study Finds CBD Can Cause Liver Damage” that reported on a study out of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Crazy to think if that with the pressure for legalization that in the face of all odds the same media outlets that have championed legalization will also promote the opposite narrative, just shows they are only out for clicks right now … with the take over of alternative media, mainstream media is having to adapt and making many missteps along the way is what is happening in a nutshell if you ask me …

But this panic and misinformation is nothing new—back in 1974, a study conducted at Tulane University supposedly showed that “the active ingredient in marijuana [THC] impairs the brain circuitry,” leading the press to dutifully run articles claiming that pot causes brain damage without a trace of skepticism.

That very study done in 1974 being one that I used as the smoking gun argument for legalization of Marijuana in my grade 12 thesis ... I have it somewhere in storage one day I hope to publish it online … Knowing it would be used as the biggest argument against Marijuana with arguments of health complications. The focus of my thesis was to debunk this topic of health with evidence otherwise and being 2004 at the time we had just started to see the beginning of cannabis on the internet. Though I was supposed to use books as resources I was not restricted from using the internet as a tool to find and source those books which opened me up to a whole new world of options my opponents were not prepared for!

In their critique of the study, Project CBD flatly charged the University of Arkansas researchers with producing “A hit piece against CBD, not legitimate scientific work.”

The hardest part is and always will be finding legitimate testing therefor in my thesis I fell back on user testimonials. Not smokers or day to day users but those very terminal patients mentioned earlier who get to use cannabis and experience beneficial side-effects from it rather then the negative that come with typical pharmaceuticals. With a lack of interest from pharmaceutical companies my best option for winning that debate was word of mouth and going to those who have no reason to lie seemed like an obvious choice. My teacher thought it was brilliant, my opponents were speechless as I had testimonials to debunk and backup any counter arguments. I did not do well generally in English class but after this my teacher was forced to recognize that it has nothing to do with my ability and everything to do with interest in topics being taught holding my focus. I learned two things from this experience, I can write a good argument given the information is out there and I really love Marijuana and not just because I like getting high AF!

So to answer the initial question, can cannabis help for liver damage? The only answer I can give is your guess is as good as mine… honestly I never believe what is pushed in the MS so if we see studies that state CBD sales will over take Cannabis sales yet CBD does damage to your liver then I prefer to look at the situation with the opposite light and find my own truth…

CBD Will Fall To The Cannabis Market And It Heals Your Liver!


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