Blockchain Coffee “Rain Check”

Blockchain Coffee “Rain Check”

By d00k13 | @d00k13 | 23 May 2020

Are you trying to build something?

Find yourself grasping at strings trying to make your ideas turn into something more then just a ball of tangled concepts? One thing I have learned is that as an entrepreneur there is no such thing as a “Rain Check” …

Particularly when dealing with the entertainment industry, we see a demand for timely delivery. Yea I may just be starting out, I may not have the big setup to be YouTube Famous right off the bat, I may not have the time always available, yet the demand is always there. Not just from the standpoint of a viewer but as a content creator I demand a lot from myself!

I am the one person in the world that I cannot give a rain check and simply tell to come back when a product is ready. Not without some fancy mind tricks and possibly split personalities would that work for me … LOL … anyways, without being able to get away from myself my only option is to do it, set my mindGET IT!!!

Simply put, if I am the only person I am accountable to at the end of the day then …

I Must Be The One To Do It!!!

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