Make money with Ola Network

By AirdropBounty | @AirdropBounty | 4 Jul 2020

Spend your free time with Ola Network to earn income or save money on shopping every day!


1 Sign up for a free account

Registering an account with Ola Network is completely free, it only takes you 30 seconds.


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VNDC wallet

2 Do simple tasks

Every day, Ola Network will give you certain tasks corresponding to an income you will receive when performing that task. Ola Network's mission is that anyone can do it.


3 Withdraw money to the account

Once you complete the task, Ola Network will quickly approve your income and the rest of you just make a withdrawal to your account. Simple, right ?!



2020-07-02 19:07:00

BQT Ola Netwok has received many emails asking about: Is there approval and payment for members running VNDC campaign during the Beta version? Browsing time and payment like?


OQT Network Management Board would answer the following:


  1. During the process of running the Beta version, all members' earnings are approved and paid as usual.


  1. The approval time of the VNDC campaign is within a maximum of 24 hours from the time the member performs KYC on VNDC wallet system and click on the KYC Check button on the Ola Network's system. Member withdrawal time is within 24 hours from the time the member places the withdrawal order to the system.


Sincere thanks!


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