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Unreasonable to be reasonable

By Lochard | Asylum Diary | 4 Feb 2024

It is perhaps a very unreasonable thing for me to remaining so reasonable. Considering that for 21 months I have been treated as a lower being, harassed and provoked daily among other more serious things. When I do not doubt there are people suffering worse tortures. What I am suffering here is a torture nonetheless.

Altough there are always more to write, it shouldn't be necessary for me to write anymore. What I have written should be more than enough.

Written in the Pabradė foreigner’s registration centre

Vilniaus g. 4, 18178 Pabradė


4 February, 2024

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20240228 Arrived in the UK for about 2 week. All my fears persist. Some are even getting worse.

Asylum Diary
Asylum Diary

Sometimes the seemingly trivial matters are better kept recorded. One premise is that many others will record them, not for you, anyway. E.g.: the big teches and the Big Brother, or just someone next to you.

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