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No way out. Not going to update if no significant changes

By Lochard | Asylum Diary | 22 Feb 2024

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Since I asked for attention before, I probably should update you with my latest situation. I think I probably will not update again without significant changes.


Before that, here is an article that suggest at least the surveillance part of what I have written is not a single case. Just that my entries can add extra layers of how (much uglier) a case can be.

The Guardian: People helping asylum seekers in Europe face rising violence, report warns


I left Lithuania with the verbal agreement from the Migration Department of Lithuania. But I was detained at Riga airport whete the authority cited a "new decision from the Migration Department of Lithuania" and that I had no prove of what I said.

Trapped at the departure area forbidden to leave for a few day. Kind of robbed before allowed to leave for the UK with barely any money left when my passport was valid for only 1 more day.

The most horrible thing perhaps is that I still feel the same surveillance, influence, power abuses, control and manipulation here in the UK.

So after the 21 months in Lithuania. My life probably continues to be one of an object considered to be owned by some other people.


Instead of further commenting it myself. I invite you to imagine how it feels, how all these are possible.

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20240228 Arrived in the UK for about 2 week. All my fears persist. Some are even getting worse.

Asylum Diary
Asylum Diary

Sometimes the seemingly trivial matters are better kept recorded. One premise is that many others will record them, not for you, anyway. E.g.: the big teches and the Big Brother, or just someone next to you.

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