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💫 Astrotransit - May the 10th

By zndrmhdv | ASTRO*CASTER | 10 May 2021

Astrotransit 10-05-2021
🔔"- How many?
- Sorry?..
- How much treasures do you need to retire? As a rule, each person has a specific number. What is it like for you?
- More ... "✨

🕊 Forget all the quotes where the value of resources was downplayed. And if there were days when you asked, searched, earned them. Today is the day when we pay to enter the world of ecological success. We pay through help , through generosity to share the oppression of money. This day could be completely spent on charity, but not in the sense - now we will gather a bunch of people, and they will give something, and I will work with my time, boundaries and a smile. No. we meant, you will give out. This is the day of testing for greed, for stinginess, even if it is clearly covered by arguments of rationality

⛳️ Today, you can not spare coins for help, even if the person asking you to burst into your life shamelessly. Yes, even at the crossroads, he jumps into the car with a request for a ride. Or he calls in despair at random to find an ally and helper in you. Even if you have never felt like an investor or a philanthropist, and the income does not allow you to be scattered. But you could not help but feel that you can save not only your - life, but even more

🦄 Imagine that before deciding on the distribution of wealth, the Universe checks - is a person ready to Give? And is he ready to Fulfill someone's request, since he wants to be fulfilled. It is precisely targeted assistance that is important today. Not abstractly - I translated somewhere - but find out who, to whom, where ... Or buy a trinket from the selling old women, but give it a real price. You buy because you can

🌉 And we sing along to Zemfira:
*Be always happy, well-fed and calm - on!
Proud bird, little warrior - on!
All that's left from the last sale
My songs will one day leave me*

Treasher elven goddess Akae

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