Sept 1st and 2nd crypto Astrology Forecast

Sept 1st /2nd Crypto Market Astrology Forecast

By iCryptobeing | Astro Crypto | 2 Sep 2023


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Sept 1

2:44 am Venus Rx quincunx Bitcoin Sun in Cap 12°
4:13am Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune (r) 26°
6:35am Moon Pisces 28° sextile Pluto(r)
9:25am Moon enters Aries
2:49pm Moon 3° opposite Mars Libra 3°

Early in the Morning
-Venus Rx is in a challenging aspect to Bitcoins Sun at 12 degrees Capricorn.
12° Degrees is another one of those Special Degrees in Astrology. It is a Kill or Be Killed degree, but not as strong as
the 18° or 22° degrees. Venus being retrograde in this transit, and the ruler of Bitcoins Mid- Heaven is indicating negative price movement.
-As the Moon conjunction Neptune then sextile to Pluto Rx in Pisces this could help increase prices. Neptune retrograde could help influence over spending, over buying.
-Pluto was a Key planet during the New Moon last month, and being in a sextile aspect, very harmonious, again indicating a positive price movement.
-Moon is in Aries and opposite to Mars in Libra, is indicating quick moving volatility in prices, possibly moving
prices back down.
Today will be a volatile day, prices DOWN and UP

Emotional Sentiment = VOLATILE

this morning around 9:00am Market Prices dropped, this is around the time of Mars conjunct ASC at 9:05am See
Parans Chat
Sept 2

5:18am Moon Aries 12° trine Venus (r) Leo 12°
12° degrees = Pisces energy

Energetic day in Crypto Market. The 12° degrees is indicating sudden loss or increase. This is emotional. Venus is slowing down, getting ready to turn and move forwards, tomorrow. Growing anticipation of this could be seen thru out the day reflected in prices. TODAY Venus is Retrograde, the day will most likely continue its Volatile Movement, with some signs of growing anticipation.


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Astro Crypto
Astro Crypto

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