September 4 and 5 crypto market astrology Forecast

Crypto Market Astrology Forecast Sept 4 and 5th

By iCryptobeing | Astro Crypto | 5 Sep 2023


This is my Analysis of how  the Astrological Energies influence the Crypto Market for September 4 and 5th. I use a combination of Astrology Techniques/ Systems to analyze the transits:

Placidus, Degree Theory, Louise McWhirter 

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6:28 am est  Mercury Retrograde trine Jupiter 

10:11am Jupiter Stations Retrograde Taurus 15°


Jupiter stationing Retrograde is the main theme of today’s Forecast. There is a theme of Uncertainty and Pessimism.

Early Morning

-Before Jupiter stations Retrograde, Mercury Rx will trine Jupiter, this transit will happen again on September 25, but
Mercury will be Direct and Jupiter will be Retrograde. Today is Round 1, in the Battle of the Financial Uncertainty
and Confusion. What ever happens today in prices and market movements, will occur again on September 25th, during
Round 2.
In addition to the transits today the Moon is in Taurus, and trines the Sun, right after Mercury trine Jupiter. Expect to
see an upwards trend Early in the Morning, before 8am EST.

Mid Morning

-As the Moon Square Venus, although Direct, this is bringing down prices and traders emotions, this Moon transit
could intensify the effects of Jupiter Stationing Retrograde.
-Approx 2 hours later, Jupiter Stations Retrograde, which will really impact the Market, pushing down prices.. As
Jupiter Stations Rx, Venus is in a loose Square to Jupiter, this is also contributing to Negative price movements.

Difficult day for Crypto and Finances.
Very Early Morning is Positive/Greed quickly changing to FEAR

Emotional Sentiment = FEAR


Sept 4

September 5

12:02am Sun trine Bitcoin Sun


There is still Uncertainty in the Crypto Market today as the Moon is Aspect to all Retrograde Planets, and mostly challenging aspects.

Very Early Morning

The Sun is trine to Bitcoin Sun, this could significantly help Crypto prices early in the morning.
This transit is indicating very favorable price movements.
The moon is in Taurus this morning, Conjunct Uranus(r) and Sextile Neptune (r). Uranus is unpredictable, and could move prices in either direction. With Uranus Retrograde prices could move down, but with BTC Sun transit, this could help increase prices. Again Uranus is unpredictable.
If Uranus moves prices up, then Neptune could further increase prices, due to Disillusion.. and over exaggerating prices..
If Uranus moves prices down then Neptune will also highlight this as well.
With BTC Sun Transit, I believe prices will go up during these Morning transits.


-Moon squares Bitcoin’s Venus, which is also BTC Mid Heaven ruler, causing negative emotions and actions in traders and Prices.

The Moon square Saturn Rx, indicating a limit in prices, possibly a halt on rising prices. Depressed traders emotions.
Ending the trading day with negative price movement, or negative emotions.

Emotional Sentiment= GREED ENDING IN FEAR

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