New Moon August 16 2023 Crypto Astrology Forecast

Crypto Astrology Forecast: NEW MOON August 16 2023

By iCryptobeing | Astro Crypto | 16 Aug 2023


Excerpt from Crypto Market Astrology Report August 2023

Aug 16
5:37am New Moon Leo 23°
23: Aquarius
Moon in Leo 23 – simple, generous
-Key Planet this Moon Cycle (Aug 16- Sept 13)
Pluto – transiting in BTC 1st house
Aspects indicating a downwards trend this Moon Cycle:
Sun and Moon Square Uranus -
Pluto square North Node

Moon Transits
12:43am Moon Leo 18 conjunct Venus
9:03am Moon Leo 23 square Uranus
9:37am Moon Leo 23 conjunct Sun
11:14pm Moon enters Virgo

1:53pm Mars Virgo 23° trine Uranus Taurus 23°
Key words: selfish, ungrateful, lack of confidence, gullible
23° = Aquarius energy(innovative/ technology)

This energy/ theme of this new moon is Aquarian, unexpected, chaotic.
Technology and crypto is ruled by Aquarius.
This New Moon cycle from August 17th through September 13th, is indicating a downwards trend for this cycle.
Today the Market will be volatile. Approx 3.5 hours after the New Moon is exact, the Sun and Moon square Uranus, indicating a
fluctuation in prices, I believe pushing prices down.
In the afternoon Mars trine Uranus is indicating a quick, sudden increase in price movement. Prices are not smooth today, with Uranus
there is an unknown element of surprises.
Emotional Sentiment= VOLATILE GREED

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Have a Blessed New Moon


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