Now everyone can join the Exorde Testnet

Now everyone can join the Exorde Testnet

By Evgeny First | Astraonline | 22 Jul 2022


In a previous article we wrote about the start of the Exorde Testnet. At first, there was a developer-only phase. Recently, the developers have finally opened the testnet to all interested!

If you want to take part in the testnet, you should know the following requirements:
-Windows-only (tested on Windows 10).
-More OS will come later.

You have to go to the official Exorde discord to get a link to download the distribution to install the testnet. You will also find us instructions on how to install and initialize the testnet, everything looks very simple.

After installation and initialization you will have the task bar with the 4 icons:

- User Details (shows your worker address, main address (optional), Reputation & Token Balance);

- Scraping panel (scraping is about orienting an automated process of data collection, mostly on Twitter and Reddit for now.);

- Moderation module (moderation is a deterministic validation process to check if the URLs given at the Scraping are valid (relevant, not dangerous, real data, etc));

- Formatting module (formatting is a more intense process, where each data block is broken is sentences and analyzed separetely, to connect information at a more detailed layer).

You can run one or many tasks at the same time, just be careful with your own computer ressources & network bandwith.

You can for example start scraping with the first magnifying glass icon, and also participate in the moderation.

You can look at, to see where we need more Workers (Spotting or moderation) and decide to either contribute by scraping more data, or validating more data.

The developers urge you to remember that this is an early version of the test.

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