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What Causes a Breast Gap?

By Rouge Blogger | My Everything Blog | 8 May 2020

What Causes a Breast Gap?

Once you elect to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, you envision the results and look forward to having the breasts you have always dreamed of. However, once the surgery is complete, you may find that the results are not exactly what you were expecting. You find that you have been left with an unattractive breast gap. If such is the case, the good news is that this can be corrected. Not all plastic surgeons are familiar or specialize is this type of correction but with a brief conversation it is easy enough to find one locally who can help. 

What Causes a Breast Gap to Occur? 

A breast gap is a perceptible space between a woman’s breasts that may appear after a breast augmentation procedure. It may not be visible right after the procedure. You may enjoy a period with very satisfying results. Yet, capsular contracture can happen at any time. In this case, scar tissue forms around the newly placed implants. As a result of the scarring, a space between your breasts that is wider than you feel comfortable with may form.

A breast gap can also be blamed on the type or size of the implants used. Furthermore, the gap might be present due to your own anatomy and appear even more pronounced once you receive your breast implants. Your very own breast tissue or the tension of your skin may also be partially responsible for creating this gap.

Can It Be Corrected?

If you discover that you have a gap between your breasts that is larger than you feel comfortable with after a breast implant surgery, it may be time to consider breast re-augmentation.

Through a breast re-augmentation procedure, there are different factors that can reduce your breast gap. These include implant replacement and type.

Implant Placement

In this case, the implants would be placed in front of the pectoral muscles. By doing so, your cleavage appearance can certainly be improved.

Implant Type

If you are seriously considering a way to improve the look of your cleavage, you might find that silicone or Natrelle gummy implants will offer you considerably better results.

Surgical Expertise

If during your first breast augmentation procedure you placed yourself in the hands of what turned out to be an inexperienced or under-qualified cosmetic surgeon, you have probably discovered that he might have tried to fix the look of your cleavage by using larger implants. However, this strategy can actually make a cleavage gap more noticeable and pronounced. This time around, look for a surgeon whose qualifications and experience performing breast augmentation surgery have taught him/her to tailor each surgery to satisfy the specific needs of each patient individually.


If you are dissatisfied with the results of your breast implants, schedule a consultation with a local Plastic Surgery Clinic in your area. Be sure to ask if they have experience in dealing with this situation, and book an in office consultation to get the best information on what to expect and expected results. You will be well on your way to sculpting the natural-looking breasts you so looked forward to the first time around. 

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