What Are the Hottest Unique Promotional Products in 2022?

By Rouge Blogger | My Everything Blog | 21 Mar 2022

Promo items for 2022Promotional products get a company's brand right into the hands of consumers. It's a powerful marketing approach that helps companies share their message with a gift that people can see, touch, taste, and feel. But as more companies employ this method, it's increasingly difficult to come up with unique ideas that capture consumer attention. Let's take a look at the LED advertising backpack and some of the other hottest promotional products for 2022.

LED Advertising Backpack and More: The Hottest Promotional Products for 2022

LED Advertising Backpack

Walk through the streets of any town and you'll see all kinds of people toting backpacks. From students to yoga moms to executives rushing between appointments, we typically see dozens of backpacks on any given day. What if we could turn all these backpacks into dynamic mobile billboards that carry unique brand messages everywhere they go? An LED Advertising Backpack does just that and is first on our list of hot promotional products for 2022.

LED Advertising Backpacks incorporate a dynamic LED screen on the back of the backpack that displays bright custom messages, an eye-catching device that is nearly impossible to miss. The screen can be programmed to display static photos, images, and graphics, or it can cycle through multiple images on a loop. It can even flash if you'd like, and all of this can be controlled via a connected smartphone.  

Dyed Caps With Patches

Custom-dyed and brightly colored hats certainly attract attention, especially when outdoor culture is celebrated during the spring and summer months. The addition of an interesting advertising patch can hold that attention and use it to spread a brand's message. Patches can be made to order in all shapes, sizes, and colors to suit a company's aesthetics, making this a fun item that promotes brand affinity through the celebration of personal style.

Embossed Apparel

Embossing using high-pressure heat to create a unique 3D effect that will jazz up t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel items with your brand's message. It's a great opportunity to get up close and personal with consumers while gifting them with an attractive high-quality garment that they may keep and wear for years to come. The design possibilities are nearly endless, providing a company's creative team with a blank marketing canvas on which to work.

Apparel is considered a high-value promotional product because it functions as a mobile advertisement, attracting the eyes of everyone who sees the person wearing it. This leads to a very high return on investment, considering for example that one $10 t-shirt can be seen by 1,000 people or more over time. With apparel, it's important to keep in mind that higher quality items are kept and used longer by consumers and create more favorable public impressions.

PR Boxes

PR boxes are custom-designed packages that businesses send to clients or influencers in order to make an impression or perhaps inspire them to spread your brand's message to others. The packages themselves offer a unique branding opportunity to make a lasting aesthetic impression, while on the inside they may contain gifts, messages, or new products that a company wishes to promote.

This is a great tool to capitalize on the sharing culture that is prevalent in the age of social media. A unique and attractive PR box inspires recipients to take photos and share the experience of receiving them. This spreads your message to others in an organic, personal fashion that multiplies its impact. Also, recipients of your PR box may even re-gift or share any products you send them with other people, spreading the company's message even further.

UV Sanitizing Box With Wireless Charger

As we continue to live with COVID-19, there's an ongoing emphasis on the importance of avoiding germs as best we can. This is especially true in the workplace, where phones, earbuds, and everything we touch immediately become a microbe hot zone. A UV sanitizing box is a very useful item for keeping things germ-free either on your desk at work or at home.

The sanitizing box contains UV-C light to kill germs on small electronic devices, keys, masks, or other items that can otherwise be hard to clean. Just drop the items in the box and close the lid, that's it. Even better, the box includes a built-in wireless charger for any device that is QI enabled. Full-color company logos can be printed right onto the box, making it a great promotional item for brands looking to make a unique impact.  

Mini Desk Humidifier

With more and more people working from home, the race is on to personalize desk space while making it as comfortable as possible. A comfortable work environment can help us be more productive, and to that end, a branded mini desk humidifier comes off as a useful promotional gift.

Humidifiers help with dry skin and nasal passages in addition to preventing cracked lips. Further, they have also been shown to combat viral infections in the surrounding environment. This will aid in maintaining a workspace that is not only more comfortable but promotes physical health and well-being.

Wireless Products

The trend towards flexible and creative workspaces shows no sign of slowing. Savvy companies have learned that good employees are just as productive when working at home, a cafe, or even on a beach somewhere. No matter where a mobile office is located, wireless products are key to productivity, and this includes things like wireless chargers, keyboards, and speakers.

Many of these wireless products can easily incorporate your company brand and be given to current or future customers as useful gifts. They will certainly be appreciated and put to good use, casting your brand in a favorable light.

Smart Bottle

Whether in the car, at work, or exercising at the gym, many people stay within constant reach of their water bottles. A smart bottle is extra handy as it includes a touch display on the top of its lid that shows the temperature of the liquid inside along with a comfort range indicator that will prevent you from burning your tongue on that hot coffee.

Smart bottles are made with double-wall insulated stainless steel that keeps beverages hot or cold for up to 24 hours. The bottle comes with a wide-mouth screw-on cap and can be custom-designed with company logos, a great promotional item that puts your brand within arm's reach throughout most of the day.

Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Wooden kitchen utensils not only offer a handsome minimalist design but are also less susceptible to germs and bacteria than plastic or metal. Further, wood does not conduct heat, meaning you can leave a wooden spoon in a boiling pot without worrying about scalding yourself on the spoon's handle. And say goodbye to that metallic aftertaste, as wooden products do not interact with food acids.  

Branded wooden utensils make terrific promotional gifts and are great a way to literally get into someone's kitchen. It's a useful tool that feels great in the hand, while your brand sends unconscious messages of loyalty and durability as wooden utensils last for many years.

Home Exercise Items

The recent pandemic saw an increase in the use of home exercise equipment, and that trend continues for 2022. Many not only choose to avoid public gyms for health reasons but have also grown to enjoy the convenience of exercising at home. No waiting for machines, no worrying about appearance, and your own shower is just down the hall. This provides an excellent promotional opportunity for branded items such as yoga mats, jump ropes, and exercise bands.

These items make great branded product ideas because they do tend to need replacement over time, providing companies with the chance to regularly refresh and create new contact points. Further, it's not unusual for people to continue adding new items to a home gym once they get started. These products also make great employee gifts for companies looking to promote a healthy workplace culture among their team.  

Lounge Items

Continuing with the theme of spending more time at home, giving a branded gift that makes life a bit more luxurious sends a strong message of personal care to consumers. For example, how about giving someone a nice warm weighted blanket as a promotional item, or perhaps an extra-plush pair of socks? These are extra little luxuries that many people wouldn't buy for themselves, so they're a great opportunity for companies to show they care.

Home spa kits are another great way to send this message of personal care and attention. These can include various items such as bath salts, essential oils, and aromatherapy products, all of which are additional branding opportunities to make that critical personal connection with consumers.

These are some of the hottest promotional product items that companies can use to connect with consumers in 2022. Making that personal connection is more important than ever in today's competitive marketplace, and a useful gift always makes a lasting impression. Be sure to visit Seye Vandi to find the best promotional product option for your company.

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