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Pro-Life Picture Books Your Kids Will Love

By Rouge Blogger | My Everything Blog | 31 Aug 2021

Books are everywhere, but books that have a valuable message are rare to find. This becomes even more challenging when you are searching for a pro-life message in a children's book. We all want to teach our children how amazing a family is and how each person is unique in their own way. Today's kids are surrounded by negative messages making additional material support even more necessary.  

So we have compiled a list of several picture books that have a pro-life message that your kids will love to read either at school or before bed!

God Gave Us You - Lisa Tawn Bergren

Children love hearing that they are special and that they are loved. This is a lovely book that perfectly explains how loved all of God’s children are. It reminds people that they are an amazing gift that was created by God. This book comes from a series of books authored by Lisa Tawn Bergren with a similar theme to God Gave Us Two, and God Found Us. 

Love You Forever - Robert Munsch

This popular book has gained a lot of attention over the past two decades. The book follows a mother who tells her child that she loves him no matter what. The illustrations in this book are truly amazing and represent how a mother’s love is boundless. This book is a perfect bedtime story and will show the importance of a loving family to children. 

You Are Special - Max Lucado

Little ones love knowing that they are special and loved in this world. This book has a conversation explaining the dignity and the sacredness of every person's life, speaking to the uniqueness of every human on this earth. This book also emphasizes that every human being was created in the image of God and His likeness. So, You Are Special is a great resemblance of how each person is valuable because God loves them. 

The Story of You - Krystle Joy DeGraide

This precious story authored by Krystle Joy DeGraide gives the reader a glimpse into the precious value of human life. The readers begin their journey by discovering the moment they came to be in their mother's womb. It teaches children through beautiful illustrations how they were formed along with every exciting event that happens until they see the world for the very first time from the loving arms of their parents. 

If I Only Had a Green Nose - Max Lucado

Every book for children authored by Max Lucado emphasizes God's wonderful gifts that have been given to every one of His children. This story shows children that God made everyone to fulfill a unique purpose, and He loves us continuously without caring what other people say or think. 

Horton Hears a Who - Dr. Seuss

This classic book may be one of the most famous books with the theme of pro-life for children. This book charms its readers with vibrant images and quirky characters. The characters embody a human persona and spread the message that no matter how small someone is, their voice deserves to be heard. This book teaches the reader about standing up for people and that every person has value; everyone's voice should be heard no matter how insignificant the outside world believes they are. 

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