Xcrypt | All In One Hybrid Exchange

Xcrypt | All In One Hybrid Exchange

By assasin | assasin | 8 May 2019


The crypto market grows every day and brings with it new opportunities. With the realization of Bitcoin transfers, people looked for a way to sell this crypto currency. In the early days, the crypto exchanges were very primitive. These exchanges were only stock exchanges where there were not too many services for users whose bitcoin sales figures were available. Due to the low Bitcoin price, people did not have any security concerns. In later periods, after the rise of bitcoin prices, hackers began to attack the stock markets more. These exchanges did not have any customer relations. In any case, there was no system to discuss in case your funds were lost.

What is Xcrypt

As an alternative to these systems, centralized crypto exchanges were born. This system, which allows people to belong to all of their crypto funds, seems useful in the early days, but in the later periods people are now getting bored with the amount of private key they have. Mew started to be questioned on centralized exchanges after crashing of sites and hacking of people via DNS. Users in these exchanges are given only one private key. It is not possible for users to reach their funds in any way if they lose these keys.

By recognizing the challenges and obstacles experienced in the crypto exchanges, Xcrypt created a stock exchange by combining the optimal features of decentralized and centripetal exchanges. With Xcrypt, which has its own special ecosystem, users can operate with the security of decentralized exchanges and the speed of centrist exchanges. It will be listed in alternative projects such as Erc20, Erc721, Sto in Xcrypt which will have a wide token network.

Why Should I Use Xcrypt

  • Unlike other exchanges, Xcrypt serves users at very low rates. With Xcrypt, users will be able to complete their transactions without any problems, as they will create a large customer assistant system to solve users' problems.
  • The platform has its own airdrop system. The platform, which will follow non-scoff airdrops, enables people to gain awards in support of projects by performing various tasks.
  • With social trading, people will be able to make money by following the transactions of others, especially those who are new to beginners, and with this system, skilled traders will be able to make money from other people's transactions. In addition to this, the person who is referring to the project by the reference is able to win a prize.

  • Users can use security systems such as mail, password private key at the same time. In this way, users will be able to access the platform with other security measures and reminder systems even if they forget their private keys.
  • Many crypto currencies have built kyc systems to improve security. Users who want to trade are waiting months after fulfilling the kyc procedure. This reduces the customer satisfaction and leads people to apply to other exchanges. In addition, many crypto exchanges are faced with interventions by states due to their location. Crypto projects, which have to be bound by the laws of local governments, always feel the breath of the states on their necks. The Xcrypt exchange has accelerated the kyc procedure for people to perform more easily. Users' approvals are made in almost 1 day.
  • Xcrypt, which carries its servers to the island of Malta, which is more comfortable and friendly with crypto systems, follows the major exchanges in this regard. Apart from these, with Xcrypt, which will have its own crypto card, users can easily evaluate their earnings without having to throw their bank accounts.


The Xcrypt project, which is currently being sold on its own site, provides a 50% bonus to large investors. After this process, Xcrypt Idax plans to complete the ieo process on sites like Bitforex. Xcrypt Banchor, which will be listed in the stock exchanges on June 15, will be listed in about 10 markets such as Bitozz.


Website => https://www.xcrypt.club

Whitepaper => https://www.xcrypt.club/whitepaper.pdf

Facebook => https://www.facebook.com/xcryptclub/

Twitter => https://twitter.com/xcryptclub

Telegram => https://t.me/xcryptclub

Instagram => https://www.instagram.com/xcryptclub/

Youtube => https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSTVlIYw7fj9PrVu9FYKKVQ

Github => https://github.com/xcryptclub

Bitcointalk Thread => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4993175.0

Medium => https://medium.com/@xcryptclub

Greatbambino - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2430184


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