Volentix | All In One Crypto Ecosystem

Volentix | All In One Crypto Ecosystem

By assasin | assasin | 28 May 2019

As we all know, the long-term decline in the crypto market has ended. Many major crypto coins began to gain value. With the introduction of institutional investors, the crypto money market has taken a sigh of relief. Many subcoins have been launched from past to present. Some of them succeeded, while some of them disappeared from the market. Many copy systems consisting of projects similar to each other kept the investors busy. With a completely obsolete system, each project started to take out its own wallet. This time with the increase in the number of wallets, people find it hard to find a place to hide their wallet keys.

Many projects on Ethereum block chain are faced with many problems today. Among these problems, scalability takes the first place. Due to the scaling problems, the transfer fees in the excessive transactions on the Ethereum network reach to extreme figures. In order to find a solution to this problem, even if the block sizes are to be enlarged, the problem does not seem to be solved.

What is Volentix?

Volentix has implemented an alternative system where users can benefit and perform all transactions via a single wallet. With this system, users can easily perform their operations using the speed and safety of the Eos blockchain. In addition, the Volentix project has its own centralized stock exchange, community platform and news system. Using the power of the community, Volentix uses community members for its decision-making mechanism. With a system called Dae, users can have a say in any future work of the Volentix project.

Features of the Volentix Project


Unlike traditional wallet systems, the Verto system has its own design. With its very easy interface, users can access wallet information in a short time. When the first wallet is downloaded, there is a security lock consisting of the e-mail address and password of the users. Users are given a private key. Users can easily access their wallets even if they forget their passwords. Thanks to the multi-wallet feature, users can use multiple accounts in the Verto wallet at the same time. Each wallet can be given a different name in order to prevent the confusion of wallets.


As we all know, the rating system is used for projects that are newly entered into the crypto money market. Although every ico rating site has implemented its own system, there is no standard on this subject. These sites give high scores to other projects while giving higher scores to projects that give them more money. With a system open to human abuse, project managers give points to projects through their own opinions. This situation leads to a very unfair situation. In this system, new projects entered into the market after being controlled by artificial intelligence technology. The system, which scores over certain algorithms rather than personal interpretations, constitutes the future of the crypto market.


There are forums that combine projects with people doing advertising in the crypto market. These platforms, which are in the hands of certain people, list the projects we call scam and make the investors suffer. They find it difficult to find the right projects in the people who advertise. Because of the projects handed over to Bounty Directors, people are undergoing great injustice. These people make more money by paying more for their own accounts. In this way, people who do their job correctly cannot get the fee they need. With the Venue project, the projects reach the advertisers they want to make it more fair. By eliminating the platform, Venue allows transactions to be carried out transparently. Instead of opening separate accounts for the bounty they want to make projects, they can perform all their transactions on a single account. A score table is used for users to share more and more properly. By making more and more accurate sharing on this score table, people who make the advertisements of the projects properly can earn more money. Old or successful users will be able to win more awards with the rank system developed over time


A new stock market is being released every day in the crypto market. These projects, which were launched by unsuccessful teams in software, often fail. Most of the time, the stock exchanges are exposed to hackers' attacks. There are no studies on security in these exchanges. These stock exchanges, in which the funds of the users are constantly stolen, are generally made up of ready-made platforms, thus making them vulnerable to attack. The Vdex stock exchange is the centralized crypto stock exchange made on Eos block chain. Each user is given a private key on this crypto exchange. In this market where users' safety is prioritized, users can safely operate.


The project brings together all the needs of the users and consists of 5 different projects. The design and development phase of the project, which has a highly experienced team, has been completed to a great extent. Users can make transactions via mobile phones or desktop computers

Detailed Informatin About Volentix

Website: https://volentix.io/

Whitepaper: https://s3.ca-central-1.amazonaws.com/volentix/VDexWhitePaper.pdf

Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5048597

Telegram: https://t.me/volentix

Twitter: https://twitter.com/volentix

Bounty0x Username: Assasin

Verto Wallet Id: EOS8a3NKogYo6eFLQhmocr16RHdKjFB3jwR1M8ziH6CRGBK4HEkjm

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