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By assasin | assasin | 25 May 2019

The crypto currency period started with Btc continued with the introduction of other subcoins. Ico projects that have experienced a great acceleration in 2017 have been in a long-term decline for 2 years. Investors poured a lot of money into the projects they didn't know what was working at the beginning. These people have suffered great losses due to their inability to sell their projects on stock exchanges. New projects are emerging every day. In this case, investors are quite confused.

What is Coreto?

Ico rating sites list only projects that give them money and make positive comments. As such, investors are often mistaken and investing in wrong projects. Most of the new projects are disappearing due to incorrect marketing methods. Successful teams of famous designers and developers cannot implement the right marketing strategy. Projects that cannot reach investors at the right time are not likely to enter the stock exchanges. One of the events that should be done in this regard is to agree with the bloggers and vloggers who will promote the project. The most important event that will bring the project to success is that it is known by people and supported by the community.

Coreto has designed a unique project to prevent investors and projects from making mistakes. With the Coreto project that investors and projects can use at the same time, new projects will not be difficult to find investors. The Coreto team, which designs a very transparent and fair system, enables people to find and invest in successful projects without spending long time. Coreto system, which makes analysis of all projects with artificial intelligence method, carries out risk rating by giving various points for each project. In the following stages, investors have to choose the most suitable project for themselves.

Advantages of Coreto Project to Investors

  • People entering the crypto market for the first time are often deceived in the fancy sentences of crypto projects. In the later stages of the projects, they do not take the maaselef written on the whitepaper. Coreto allows users without sufficient finance knowledge to find successful projects in a comfortable way. At this stage, each project's advantage, disadvantage, team, road map, dozens of topics, such as analyzing artificial intelligence boats, offers the most investmentable project to users.
  • Coreto boat analyzes the news on the market. By analyzing the news we have called Fud, the bot that determines its accuracy enables the users to get the correct information. As a result of these investigations, if the negative information is received about the projects, the bot warns the users and enables the projects to be sold early.

Projects for Coreto

  • Coreto enables new entrants to the crypto market to meet with investors. In doing so, it often promotes the project through telegram groups or content creator. As a result of successful analyzes, new investors enter projects and hard cap figures are reached in a short time.
  • Coreto enables projects to be listed on successful ico listing sites. Projects can, if they wish, be able to carry out activities in the platform and answer questions about their projects. A transparent environment is created in the crypto market with this model, which greatly reduces the questions in the minds of investors and increases the trust in the projects.
  • Crypto projects pay big money for advisors. Only those people who exist on the website and often do not support the projects have very high earnings. Coreto directly supports the projects by eliminating the traditional advisor system. Coreto, which will support projects on marketing, technical issues, market analysis, enables people to access their investments in a safe environment.
  • Developers who produce crypto projects often update via github. These updates, which consist of most in-house codes, are difficult to understand. Coreto provides a graphical overview of the development status of each project by giving people a dashboard that investors can use. The project, built on a successful ui, is designed to be easy to understand and easy to understand.

Coreto for Advertisers

  • With the reduction of sales of ico projects recently, advertisers' earnings are reduced. Today, marketing activities are carried out at very low prices. Coreto influncers have built a model where they can make more money for the content they produce. With this model, the people who do this work can be paid for their labor.
  • More successful advertisers are rewarded in this system. Various rank models have been developed within the project. Content producers who are successful in achieving more successful business prizes.

As a result

This project, which has quite superior sides than its competitors in the market, is currently selling on the Daicore stock exchange.You can reach the details of this project belonging to a team consisting of expert developer, legal responsible and experimenter in.


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