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Where am I?

By thesagefool | As above So below | 30 Apr 2020

She awoke between four white walls.

There was a sensation in her lower abdomen that said;

You have leveled up.

She glanced around like a toddler, 

Swaying her head left and right. 

The more she moved, the more she learned.

This was a new game.

She skipped and jumped and hopped around 

Until suddenly, the darkness came. 

And she bent and she fought,

And she fell,

Down, down, down.

As white room upon white room upon white room collapsed. 

And when the destruction stopped and she looked around,

There were no more games.

There were no more walls. 

There was only space.

- The Sage Fool



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Nature Seeker

As above So below
As above So below

Musings from the heart cave; Insights from the void

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