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Rotate Array @ Dcoder

By Lochard | As a newbie programmer | 2 Mar 2023

Problem: You are given an array of N length. You have to rotate the array rightwards by K rotations, that is, shift each element to the right by K positions. Print the rotated array.

Input: First line contains N and K.

Second line contains N integers denoting the array.

Output: Print the array after the rotation.

Constraints: 1 <= N, K <= 100000

1 <= Arr[i] <= 10^9

Sample Input: 5 2

1 2 3 4 5


Sample Output: 

4 5 1 2 3

from collections import deque

k = int(input().split()[1])
a = deque(input().split())
print(' '.join(a))

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As a newbie programmer

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