Most Trusted PTC Crypto Sites
Most Trusted PTC Crypto Sites

By Schire | ArtSchire | 28 Mar 2020

Do you enjoy earning through PTC or by viewing webpages? Then this list is for you!

Earn fast and easy with these trusted PTC sites. Proven to be legit and paying as of 2020!

The PTC websites are the following:
1. Faucetcrypto
- This is my number one most trusted PTC website. I've made a lot of withdrawals from this site for free! No additional charges for withdrawing and it's almost instant since you will receive it immediately in your account.
Click this link to sign up:




2. MoreMoney
-This one is also my favorite. It has a decent amount of PTC and shortlinks everyday that it seems like it's unlimited! Try it now to earn fast!
Click this link to sign up:




3. Firefaucet
-This will definitely be worth your time. You will earn from PTC, shortlinks, and you will get a huge amount of coins every day for free!
Click this link to sign up:


4. Coinpayu
-This has been proven to be legit and paying by a lot of users already. Though you will only get 30-40 PTCs per day, it still has a huge amount of earnings that you will definitely come back for more!
Click this link to sign up:


5. Cointiply
-This is actually highly recommended by many users! You will have 2 faucet claims for starters and you can earn from PTC, and other offers.
Click this link to sign up:


6. adBTC
-This is also one of the most recommended by many when it comes to PTC-earning sites. You will get plenty of PTC everyday and it seems like it always refreshes so you will get more PTC everytime you finished a bunch of it.
Click this link to sign up:


7. BTC Clicks
-You will earn mBTC from this site by viewing webpages. Though you will only have 5-10 PTC per day, you will still get huge earnings since it pays 0.00005+ mBTC per click.
Click this link to sign up:



There are a lot of ways to earn crypto nowadays using the internet for free. Make use of it especially during this time that we have to stay at home. Enjoy earning!

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Hi! Welcome to my blog. Lately, I've been into earning crypto and I've been trying a lot of crypto apps and websites. I'll be sharing these apps and websites to all of you once I've proven that they're legit and paying. I hope you'll check it out. 🤗

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