Pokémon Drawing

By Gwenie | Arts | 22 Jul 2020

Good day everyone. I hope you are all safe. Today I want to share another drawing of mine. ;)

These are Pokémons, short for pocket monsters. I guess many of us have watched this when we were a child. I even have a collection of this when I was in elementary grade. These three belong to the first generation of pokémons.

I made a lot of mistakes here but I hope you guys will still like them. ;)

From left, there's Pikachu (electric type pokémon), Charmander (fire type), and Squirtle (water type). I drew this a long time ago, but I can't remember the reason why I did not finish it. I decided to continue this yesterday.

Outlining. I used a gel pen here. Usually, I outline the drawing first before putting any color. But in here, Squirtle's eyes was colored because at first, I didn't want to outline this, but I changed my mind.

Done with the outline. I forgot to take a picture after I finished. That's why Charmander's face looks like that. :D I stopped here yesterday and this was what I managed to finish because it was nearly evening and my room went dark (light switch is not working).

I continued this earlier this day. Here, I was done coloring Charmander. I used deep pink for the tongue, yellow for the stomach area, vermilion for the body, and black & light blue for the eyes. For the fire of his tail, I combined yellow and vermilion.

Next was Squirtle. For the head and limbs, I actually used light blue-green, but it looks darker in the picture. Then I used lemon yellow for the stomach part, black & umber red for the eyes, and a bit of reddish-brown for the shell.

Then last was Pikachu. I used chrome yellow for the body, deep pink for the tongue, rose red for the cheeks, and black for some part of the ears.

A gif of my progress.

Now they are done. :) I really love this. With all those mistakes, they still look cute for me. They are actually small because they're a part of a bigger picture.

For the other drawings, I also used a gel pen and colored pencils.

I hope you liked this and thank you for reading. Have a great day everyone! 💕


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