Detective Conan

By Gwenie | Arts | 15 Jul 2020

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Good day everyone. I hope you are all safe. :) In this blog, I want to share something I drew. These were not included in my previous articles about art because I was ashamed to show it to the public.

But before anything else, I would like to thank all those who showed me their support through comments, likes, and upvotes. I really appreciate it guys. Thank you for the advice and tips, and thank you for assuring me that it is okay and it is normal to feel this way. Thank you so much. ❤

Going back, I decided to share these because, honestly, I can't think of any article to write. :D

This drawing was requested by my girlfriend. I seldom draw humans or anime characters because I don't like to draw faces. But I tried to make this because it was her request. So here it is.

  • It was actually my second time to use grids on making a drawing. The first time was an epic fail. Haha. I'll share it too on the last part of this blog. I erased so many times here because I was not satisfied with the result. I had a hard time making the face and hand parts.

  • Done with the sketch. I outlined it using a gel pen and erased all the pencils. I also colored the eyes using colored pencils. I really liked it this way. I didn't want to color the whole drawing because I was afraid I might spoil the overall look of Conan.

  • But I asked my girlfriend if she wants me to color it, and she said yes. Okay, as you wish my dear. ;) I started coloring the ribbon using a colored pencil too.

  • Next was I colored Conan's coat. I started with the darker parts then colored the rest with a lighter shade of blue.

  • Done with the coat. I am not really sure if I did it right. I also finished coloring the skin on this part.

  • This is the end result. There are no lighter or darker part on the hair because I was already tired by this time and I just colored it freely. I also darkened the coat a little.

I will never forget the looks in my girlfriend's eyes when I gave it to her. She was so happy and I was too. I was overwhelmed because she really appreciated it. I almost gave up on this one for so many times, but still finished it because it was her request. And it was worth it. She even made it her lock screen wallpaper. 💕

I am not a pro when it comes to drawings and I will really appreciate any tips on how to improve. ;)


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