Are You Stuck?
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Are You Stuck?

Are you stuck in life, my friend?

Don’t get disheartened anyway.

Life swings in all directions,

Backways, front, and sideways —

In storms, rains, and gentle wind,

Keep cool in your brain and mind.

Enjoy every ride in full swing,

Consume joy, woe, and everything.

Life is full of work and fun,

Don’t agree with someone?

Never take a terror path.

If you don’t get food and bread,

Please don’t break your head!

Work hard on your trade instead.

Try to love all and avoid hate,

You will soon change your fate —

Faith in yourself shall only help,

I wish you a good life ahead.



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Cheers! Debesh Choudhury

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Debesh Choudhury

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